Scream for “Ice Cream” Tights

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I C E C R E A M 🍧 Start your weightlifting weekend sweetly and strongly with the Ice Cream Bodybuilding Tights by LED Queens. These come in sizes XS-3XL, and they pair nicely with the Proudly Queer T-Shirt, featuring Pablito. Celebrate your personal style, whether you are a powerlifter, bodybuilder, strongman or a fitness aficionado. You can find the tights and the tee right now at We ship world wide! 🍧 Photography: @13secretcities 🍧 #Iedqueens #ledqfitness #squatsquat #bodybuilding #gymapparel #fashionblogger #nycstreetstyle #realmenweartights #powerlifting #marathonmen #malerunners #queerfashion #runningtights #compressiontights #synthwave #vaporwave #bodybuilder #gaybodybuilder #gaycrossfit #gayrunner #gayyoga #fitnessbrand #gymgear #gayscruff #musclebear #fitnessmotivation #legday #led🍑 #led🍑oftheday

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“Screen Test”

Starring Marco Rubi & Misha Dante

Ever fantasized of watching yourself back on a TV while you have sex? I know we have.
This week we explore the thin line between sex and voyeurism with newcomer Misha Dante and young office beauty, Marco Rubi. While Misha gets ready for a day of interviews, testing the video link with the help of IT Assistant Marco, his camera lens starts wandering down from his handsome face to his perfect thighs and ass. Misha convinces the shy Marco to play along with his ‘innocent’ game, pushing him a bit further each time, until he’s on his knees servicing Misha’s hard dick – while Misha records every second of it in juicy close up. Watching the feed of Marco on his knees just gets Misha completely turned on and he orders Marco to strip off all his clothes and climb on all fours on the boardroom table, ready to give his perfect muscle ass a deep and totally intense on-screen fuck.


Steel Bondage in Prison


Maximum security is the name of the game in this video. The prisoner is locked in a cell with a tight-fitting metal helmet surrounding his head, and his wrists are cuffed behind his back. Helpless and blind, he is forced to be docile. He is kept in strict metal bondage while the guards monitor his mental state during this severe treatment.


Hung stud finds a dirty bathroom pig to worship his giant cock

Hung stud finds a dirty bathroom pig to worship his giant cock

Greedy bathroom-pig Connor is perched in a grungy stall in the public bathroom anxiously awaiting more steaming golden showers when Max comes in, armed with a giant cock and an extra full bladder. Max drenches Connor, letting his fluids stream down the dirty sluts body and into his steadily filling funnel gag before dragging his filthy new plaything out of the stall and throwing him to the floor. After shoving his crotch in Connor’s face and throat fucking him with his thick hard cock, Max spanks and hand gags Connor while playing with his tight pink asshole, enjoying Connor’s screams as they echo throughout the bathroom. Connor is then tied up tightly and flogged mercilessly while gagging on Max’s dick, his own spit dribbling down his body as he struggles helplessly. Finally Max decides it’s time to give his boy his just desserts, and fucks him hard and fast against the urinals until Connor blows his load all over Max’s boots. After Connor has licked all of his cum off of Max’s boots, he sucks and worships Max’s cock until he’s rewarded with a huge thick load all over his face.

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