House Dom Connor Maguire – Extreme Torment and Ass Violation

Available now at 30 Minutes of Torment: House Dom Connor Maguire – Extreme Torment and Ass Violation

House Dom Connor Maguire finally steps up to the 30 Minutes of Torment challenge. The Bamboo Garden – Connor starts things off brutally, tied to bamboo chutes. Van works the muscled studs chest with some hard punches before caning his ass. With his cock hard, and tied up Connor endures more caning and nipple torment. The Pit – Strapped up with belts and balancing on pegs, Connor takes the flogging of his life as Van wields two floggers. We’ve seen him dish it out but the hunk can really take a beating too. With a dildo mounted on the platform, Connor squats on to it, enduring the ass torment as well as the stress position with another round of hard flogging mixed in. The Water Station – With Connor’s entire torso feeling the agonizing pinch of the numerous clothes pins we hit him hard with the water. Each clothes pin is held by twine causing it to pull on the stud’s flesh whenever he tries to avoid the intense spray. After a round of breath play Connor has gotten through his 30 minutes and cums hard after the day’s session.

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#TBT: “Email Cybering” with SIR Milleman

I recently got back in touch with one of my very first genuine SIRS. We shared a few laughs about how many times we have played at IML, MAL and my many visits to his place. He was very influential in my interest in Leather and Rubber uniforms as well as becoming a better submission bondage bottom.

I started looking up old photos to share with him and found some of our old email exchanges. He was (is) quite the adult writer. I thought I’d share one of the emails I got from after I had sent him an email describing a dream I had about him.

SIR “Milleman” is a very sweet, twisted and dominant man. Clearly!   🙂 

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 5.02.28 PM.png


“Dreaming of SIR, huh?  Well if it’s a lucky dumb fuck, it may be able to at least
dream….or is it a dream…the fuck if it knows.  it may be so tired
and drained that it can’t really tell.  Use of it for pain,
pleasure…disposal of bodily fluids…a fuck and suck toy….or maybe
just amusement in knowing it can’t do a fucking thing…including
breathe…without MY say so.  Knowing I am near…or not so near!
Sometimes it thinks it will have some rest…just an hour or so to drift
off…to think…But the problem is…thinking can be very, very
dangerous.  Where will thought bring it?  Will it fuck up what I have in
mind for it?  If that happens, the price can be severe.  On the other
hand, if it is obedient and follows MY orders to the letter, will it be
different?  Just don’t know.  All depends on MY mood, MY demands, MY
amusement.  it is absolutely a thing…and object…disposable at any
time.  But it hopes that maybe once in a great while, I show some
modicum of recognizing it in the most shallow way.  Verifying if nothing
else, that it exists or something just a little more than that.  THAT
would be its reward and it would savor those moments.
But for now, the completely immobile rubber object will only stand or
hunch, painfully, while it is watched, while it hears boots slowly fade
away and hears the heavy door shut.  And its mind WILL go wild with
imagination, anxiety and perhaps even a little bit of hope that upon
return, it will have contact of any kind with a fully rubbered,
superior, controlling,  masculine  master.  Will it be permitted to see
ME as a rubber cop.  Needing to be polished and knowing it would be a
privilege to do so.  Feeling MY fully sheathed cock with its heavily
padded hands, knowing that MY groaning is its reward.  it does exist for
ME!  it is alive for ME!  it…IS….MINE!!”

Bound Gods: “I love the pain sir!”

Available now at Bound Gods: “I love the pain sir!”

Bound to a post and blindfolded, Micah Brandt trembles as he waits for what house dom Connor Maguire has in store for him. Mr Maguire starts playing with his new sub, tormenting Micah’s tender nipples, hard cock and even his balls with the zapper. Micah is moved to the ass splitter while three painful clover clamps pinch on each nipple. Having the slut admit that he loves the pain, Connor delivers more brutal zaps before tearing the clamps off while Micah screams at the top of his lungs. Hanging on the St. Andrew’s cross, Micah endures a harsh flogging, while he’s reminded to show his gratitude. Still bound to the cross, Micah is flipped over and rammed from behind by his dom’s massive cock. On his hands and knees, with a collar around his neck, Micah worships Connor’s beautiful feet. Decided that Micah finally earned the right to service his cock, Connor pulls his sub up to his dick and fucks the back of Micah’s throat. Connor then throws Micah to the floor, having his sub jerk off while again sucking Connor’s toes. Using his foot, Connor smears Micah’s load all over his cum-hungry face before he’s brought to his knees for one final fuck. Begging for cum, Micah’s rewarded with his master’s load.


Cole Miller – A Boy For Torture – Part 8

Cole Miller – A Boy For Torture – Part 8
Cole is being tortured for one reason only: He is the perfect boy, young and beautiful, with a huge cock that stays hard and cums on command. Even now, after hours of non-stop torture, Cole is rock hard and dripping pre-cum, chained in the dungeon, naked and terrified. He doesn’t want to get hard. He doesn’t want to perform for Felix Frost, the man torturing him. He just can’t help it. He is a born slave, a lean, well-built, smooth-bodied boy toy. “I want you to stay hard,” Felix says as he puts a rubber ring on the base of Cole’s rock-hard cock, then covers his body and balls with biting pins, making him gasp in pain. But Cole remains hard and, as he is sucked and stroked, his hard-on grows every larger until his erect cock bursts, spewing a new load of cum everywhere. His reward? Next week: He’s brutally whipped, on the front and back of his body, with Felix adding a new light to capture every lash.