“Pure Suit”

“Pure Suit”

Starring Woody Fox and Justin Harris

For those of you who’ve know Menatplay from the start, you’ll be aware that for many years fully suited sex was our main thing. This week Menatplay returns to its roots with two of its best dressed models, Woody Fox and Justin Harris – to produce a film that’s 100% suit and tie fetish sex – nothing comes off, no buttons undone, no trousers dropped, from start to finish the guys have amazing suited kinky sex through a hole ripped in the seat of Justin’s suit trousers!! Woody is the sexy, self assured real estate agent and Justin Harris his willing fuck buddy. So if you don’t like real suit fetish sex, then don’t look out for this one – the rest of you hang on to your pinstripes and get ready! Woody Fox and Justin Harris show us how suit sex is really done.

(WARNING, expensive suits and ties were harmed in the making of this movie)


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