A Throwback Thursday photo that goes waaaay back to our days living in Ohio.

I never gave Gay.com much of a chance even back when it was popular. Making it work properly for you was a pain.  AOL and “Leather Navigator” (yeah, I know! Remember that?) were enough. But, one day I signed onto Gay.com and this boy that looked like a shorter A&F Matt Damon from the south said hello. We talked for maybe 30 minuntes until I got annoyed with Gay.com’s poor *everything* and said asked him if he’d like to move things to an AOL chat room. He was so easy going and sweet that within a couple days we were already talking on the phone.

And within a month he was in the back of my Jeep like this.


I remember picking him up from the airport and saying “So, I know we joked about kidnapping you from the airport…”.

“So, let’s do it!” he responded quickly.

I’ll never forget the enthusiasm. I made sure I hit some bumpy rounds on the way back to our house for his first of many fun visits.

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  1. Ohio? Wow. Moved away,in 97 to florida. Never knew. West side of Cleveland … vanilla. Now ft lauderdale,. It’s time. Love your site. More in to latex, but no one to play with. Any advice? 49, in shape, 6,1, 186 pounds. Bi. It’s time

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