Accepting the Fact That a Hot Man Likes You

This is a great article.  Check it out.

It comes at no surprise that the world trains us to be insecure. Everywhere we go we see tons of pictures of guys flexing, bending over, selling products and making us believe we want them – yes, even on sites like this. Never in a million years do we ever think that it could actually happen, but when it does, we’re quick to start second questioning his motives.

When a man you think is “out of your league” becomes interested in you, how do you handle it? If you’re like me, it comes in three phases: the first is denial, second is awkward silence, and the third is pushing him away. When something good happens to anyone, we often skip straight to the bad – “He’s too good to be true” “I don’t deserve him” “It’s never going to last” “He’d be much better suited for my best friend, who’s more attractive than me” – this kind of thinking needs to stop right now. It’s like a kid saying no to a free ice cream bar because he’s so used to eating pop tarts. When something surprising happens, take it. You’ll have more regret if you do the alternative.


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