“Here are 6 pics from my 72 hours of captivity in Seattle. Sir is an amazing bondage Dom. He prefers locking leather and metal restraints unless a boy is completely roped up. I signed a contract and was in some form of bondage the entire time. Slept in 5-point restraints. Ate while shackled. He even showered me while I was in cuffs. I spent 4.5 hours stored completely immobilized in my sleepsack. Sir truly got me to the point where I really wanted out and understood that I was his, completely under his control, and he would decide everything. Can’t wait to go back for more” – “LuckiBoy” on Recon


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luckiboy1 luckiboy2 luckiboy3 luckiboy4 luckiboy5 luckiboy6

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