“I smell Fear…”

Available now at Bound Gods: Officer Maguire “I smell Fear…”

Tyler Rush is a criminal on the run with Officer Maguire hot on his trail. When the muscled officer finally catches him, Tyler’s bound to the chair and beaten with the crop. Officer Maguire shuts the boy up with his hard cock shoved down his throat before pouring hot wax all over the criminal. With his hands bound, Tyler’s given a vicious flogging from front to back before he finds himself bound to a motorcycle with his ass spread open. Officer Maguire gives him a rough fucking before pulling his raging hard cock out and spraying Tyler’s face with cum.



One thought on ““I smell Fear…”

  1. I wish they would bring back Connor. I stopped watching Bound Gods. He and his gloved hands choking boys was the only reason I paid for the site. I miss his videos.

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