RUFF THOUGHTS: Depression among Kinsters

Young man suffering for depression

Here’s a good article on Depression among Kinksters in the Leather Community. A subject that I relate to closely, I feel depression is not acknowledged as often as it should be nor is it even properly diagnosed at times.  Symptoms can appear out of nowhere and stick around for months at a time and then suddenly go away.  Often triggered by events in your life, it can affect everything from your physical health, work and relationships.  

Learning about Depression and how it works helped me to understand my own and in return I can now actually talk about it and share this article on my pervy little blog with little hesitation.   

Don’t give up on people.  Practicing *PATIENCE and UNDERSTANDING* of others through education is the key.  

Check out the FULL ARTICLE and some great links, too.


“There is a collection of maladies that inhabit our scene, as in all walks of life, that are either directly linked to depression or, as I like to say, are kissing cousins of it. Outright depression, ongoing clinical or temporary. Loneliness. Suicidal thoughts. Feelings of differentness or isolation. Being the newcomer and trying to fit in. All of these things, and more, are present within our scene just like they are in other sectors of life.

Consider also that kinky people can have shame about their non-standard sexual leanings that long outlasts any shame they may have felt as LGBT. That can be a contributing factor to feeling depressed too”.


One thought on “RUFF THOUGHTS: Depression among Kinsters

  1. Thank you for these articles. I’ve been in the gay scene 40 years, and the leather bdsm for the same amount of time. For most of that time depression has been my friend (or worse enemy). Then, 12 years ago I was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I lived in DC at the very beginning of the AIDS crisis but moved to a rural community in NC in the 1980. Only 100 miles from Atlanta I traveled many weekends there. I’ve been on med’s for depression for 20 years. Those kinds of med’s which make you gain weight. So, in addition to the struggle of being a gay leather man in a straight world, I find rejection due to weight issues. This is a University community of 18,000 college students, but few gay men over 30 except a few friends who are all partnered. No leather friends. We had a bear club, but most of the guys my age moved away during the recession. So, I venture out several times a year to a leather event, but even then, if you’re not young and hip, no contact. Was suppose to go to Folsom last year (on my Motorcycle), but a serious infection whipped out the whole month. So, now I’ll spend Memorial Day in DC, hitting the bars. Tried to make contact with a few guys to meet up with before, but few acceptance. When the Aids crisis hit thought I could “cure” myself by getting married. But, that doesn’t work. Had two kids but two years ago lost my son to diabetes. It’s very lonely here, but I look forward to soon moving to a more open community. Love Florida, and have made a few leather acquaintances there. But it’s awfully hot to wear leather year round. Well, I ramble. Check your blog daily for my dose of leather and men.Thanks for raising this issue.

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