Story Time

Heavy Duty Hood with Audio

Locked away in the Cage with a Heavy Duty Isolation Audio Hood, it’s been many hours (a day? 2?) since “it” has seen daylight…. or it’s MASTER. Bondage Mitts locked onto the boy’s hands followed by shackles on wrists and ankles. Rubber Chastity Shorts locked over steel chastity with some sort of unrecognizable remote electro in the shorts. it can’t tell if the electro is IN it’s Hole… or around it’s locked cock… or both. it just knows the electro could go off at anytime.

it’s fairly certain it’s MASTER is not at home. Most likely at work. Earlier, while fumbling around the tight closed quarters, it drinks water spout attached to the cage that it found and eats unknown substance from the bowl left (tastes like dog food and crushed medicine?) in the cage.

it listens/feels for MASTER’s Loud Boot Steps to return… but it’s difficult to focus because it continues to fall asleep and wake painfully erect in Chastity while listening to the white noise pumped into boy’s ears via the hood/earbuds.


Heavy Duty Hood with Audio

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