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PSA: The Importance of Correctly Watermarking Your Images

Hat Tip to for his fantastic vlog on how to correctly watermark your photos so you get credit for them and don’t get catfished.   

All photographers deserve to get full credit for their work even when it’s bondage and fetish related.  This is something I feel very strongly about.  Even though much of what I post is random porn from the internet or “Reader Submissions”,   I always do my best to give links to the owner. 

But, guys, if you’re not correctly watermarking (see the video) … it’s sort of free game for anyone.  It’s your Art, fellas.

Please check out the video.  It may make you think twice about being so eager to share photos.

Superhero Fetish in 2018


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SWAP movie trailer

Do you like to share? TitanMen exclusives Matthew Bosch, Liam Knox and Hunter Marx are among the generous studs anxious to Swap more than just smiles when open couples visit their friends for a fun getaway.

Matthew Bosch proves to be accommodating when friend Adam Ramzi reveals his open relationship—and a desire to play with his host’s big dick.

Fresh from a workout, beefy buds Liam Knox and Steve Roman head to the shower for a wet exchange before Liam takes control in bed.

Passions ignite when Tex Davidson and Hunter Mark show each other their beasty boners, the duo worshipping each other’s manhood before Hunter happily offers his hairy hole.

Diving into the pool, smooth jock Luke Adams distracts hairy stroker Adam Thicke—the two fucking each other’s faces before Luke’s ass gets slapped and slammed red.

Jared – Role Reversal – Part 2

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Jared – Role Reversal – Part 2
“Good boy!” Jared gasps as Wyatt continues to add weight to the line stretching his master’s balls. Jared is teaching his slave how a real man endures extreme pain – and indulging his own need to suffer. Jared’s balls are turning blue, crushed in a vice and stretched with heavy weights. Jared is on his knees, facedown, as Wyatt whips his back over and over. Then Jared turns around and positions his chest and abs for the whip. “Agggggg! Yeahhhh!” he screams as the single-tail whip cuts his super-lean body. “Lick my balls!” he commands. Wyatt immediately obeys, trembling in fear, afraid his master will turn on him at any moment – even though he’s following orders. “Lick my wounds!” Jared yells, then directs Wyatt to crisscross his chest and abs with several “perfect whips.” The single-tail cuts like a knife, over and over. Nobody takes pain like Jared.


“Of Finding Humanity”

The sequel to WT Ramsey’s “Of Humanity Lost” is now out and available on Apple, Barnes and Noble, and in paperback. 

“Nearly a year after the outbreak, Rachel Morgan is in a fight for survival. America has been cut off from the rest of the world and those left behind must fend for themselves. As Rachel helps grow a resistance force she begins to search through her past to discover what led to the outbreak and the means of which to stop it, but time is running out as the creatures that lurk in the shadows close in. Each new discovery places her and those she loves further into danger, but as the pieces fall into place, Rachel discovers how closely involved she was to everything that led her to where she is now. Soon she’ll have to make the choice between merely surviving or fighting back. Of Finding Humanity is the sequel to Of Humanity Lost”.

Here are the links to both books.

“Of Humanity Lost”

or click on the image below


West Texas Park & Ride




TitanMen exclusive Matthew Bosch hits the road outside Fort Worth—but what adventures await him under the sweltering Texas sun? And what clandestine dealings are heating up the West Texas Park & Ride? Director Joe Gage slowly unfolds the intrigue in his masterful look at shady dealings in small-town America.

Matthew Bosch comes looking for information from fellow drifter Dakota Rivers, but gets something else entirely from the hardened operative.

Security expert Luke Adams is asking too many questions of boss Tex Davidson—so the businessman shuts the stud’s mouth before turning him over.

Caught in a compromising position by officer Jeremy Spreadums, blue collar jock Jason Vario fucks his way out of a tight spot.

Undercover agents Matthew Bosch and Jason Vario are ready to cuff criminal Luke Adams—who will do anything to get leniency from the long arms of the law.


Dream Boy Bondage: “Wyatt”



Wyatt – Playtime – Part 6
After spending hours on the cross, slave-boy Wyatt is now bound wrist-to-ankle in a steel brace, his back painfully arched, his knees locked, his lean, shapely body shaved smooth, naked and exposed. Wyatt’s master, Jared, enters and slaps the concrete floor with his bullwhip. “I’m going to make you fucking scream for me today!” he says. “Yes, sir. Anything to please you sir!” Wyatt replies, moaning in anticipation. The first blow slices into his skin. “Thank you, sir!” Wyatt says, after gasping in pain. A dozen more slices of the whip follow, leaving the young slave’s chest and abs crisscrossed with horrible welts. Jared is so turned on, at one point he licks and chews his wounded slave’s freshly whipped pecs, then rubs down the wounds, with his hands and feet, making the boy yelp with pain.