Damian Taylor becomes a Man on the Edge

Damian Taylor did a Naked Kombat for us and even showed up for a Bound In Public. We’re looking all over the armory for him to see how he’d feel about doing a Men on Edge as well. We finally find him and pop the question, he’s a little unsure about the bondage so we leave him to think about it. As he falls asleep, he dreams that we break in his room and decide to edge him whether he likes it or not. After we beat him down, Damian finds himself bound, blindfolded, and gagged. With his cock rock hard, we begin to edge him, stroking his cock till it starts to pre-cum. Once we beat him with the flogger, Damian is suspended in the air. With a dildo in each of his holes, Damian’s cock is about to burst. After edging him for hours, we finally milk a load out of his cock as he covers his stomach with cum.

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TITAN Rough: Heavy Duty

With his wrists bound to his sides, salt-and-pepper stud Thor is at the mercy of tall and tan Anthony London. The two kiss, their scruff rubbing as Anthony grabs hold of Thor’s bulge—the uncut cock soon released from its pouch. “Pull my balls!” demands Thor. “Harder!” Anthony whips out his own cock and gets Thor to his knees, the silver fox gulping up the stud’s big slab. Anthony face fucks the breathless sucker (“Open up!”), spitting down on him. Anthony turns him around and munches on his hole, then fucks the grunting bottom from behind over a sling. On his back—his wrists now free—Thor gets it even harder, making another demand: “Pull my balls, man! Grab them hard!” Anthony fucks him rough, then lubes Thor up for a dildo fuck—twisting one in (“Stuff that ass!”) and punching the base in before making Thor’s ass swallow an e ven bigger, thicker tool. Anthony pisses all over the sub and in his mouth before fist fucking him—working his hairy muscle arms in deep, Thor’s puckering rosebud aching for more before the two squirt.

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Inside Job 3 

Starring Trenton Ducati and Jessy Ares 

After several sexual harassment claims filed against him Landon Conrad is quietly suspended from his position at the bank, and is replacement Mr Trenton Ducati takes his place at his desk. However Trenton is experienced enough to know that he can’t make it in a new company without an inside man, and he calls in Jessy Ares to see if he’s ambitious enough to fulfil the position on offer. And Jessy proves he’s more than man enough for the job by showing off his excellent deep-throathing skills right there on his new desk, before pounding his muscle ass with his rock hard dick. This final episode in the Inside Job mini-series ends with the strongest pairing of them all.

The Intruder MK ll

Butt Machine Boys: The Intruder MK ll Violates Derrek Diamond

Derek Diamond strips off his street clothes and takes a hot shower in an abandoned warehouse. He stretches out his beautiful hole with a nice fleshy dildo and metal prostate massager. Now his hole is ready and his cock is nice and hard from the toys. He then warms up with the nasty but nice Scorpion. Saving his load for the big machine, Derek works the Intruder MK II slow, then cranks it up full speed. It doesn’t take long before Derek’s scream matches the roaring sound of the Intruder.

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Dig Deep

A black-gloved fist spirals its way into an ass that strains to accommodate it. The hole is ringed with lube and beads of sweat. The nutsack hanging low beneath is the same size as the fist. A few moments pass before the players are revealed. Naked, on his hands and knees, is Sebastian Keys. Tony Buff is the guy whose fist, and now wrist, is in Sebastian’s ass. Tony’s face emotes mischief and glee as he pumps his arm with slow twisting into Sebastian’s warm recesses. He removes his fist, Sebastian shakes his booty and pops out his brilliant rosebud, which Tony pushes back into its hidden cavity. Tony wears pants, but hiscock and balls protrude from the open fly. Whenever Tony has a free hand, he applies a few strokes to keep his cock hard and dripping. Tony pushes harder into Sebastian’s ass.Sometimes the glove disappears. Sebastian flips onto his back, yanking his cock as Tony drives deeper and faster. When Tony’s fist emerges, Sebastian’s hole gapes, so relaxed now that it’ s slow to close. Cum begins spurting in all directions. Sebastian’s ass juices provide the lube Tony needs to jack his own cock to release, pressing the sole of Sebastian’s foot to his chest as he shoots onto the camera lens.

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“The Rattler”

There are nine parts in this complex, all-metal butt plug with a metal ‘clanger’ inside the hollow shell. Every movement causes the Rattler’s inner clanger to knock, roll and rattle against the inside wall of the plug. This sends vibrations through the wearer! It’s a little like belling a cat, because you’ll have a pretty good idea where the boy is when he moves around with the Rattler inside his tight ass. Wiggling the base can cause quite a reaction when he’s unable to pull away. Or plug the boy, and take him out for the night. You’ll enjoy watching everyone’s reaction!

Butt Machine Boys

Available now at Butt Machine Boys: Sebastian Keys endures extreme fucking machines

Sebastian Keys wakes up tied to a bed in a deep dungeon. Before he knows where he is or who put him there a masked stranger eats his ass and dildo fucks him. Next the annihilator fucks his ass hard as the masked stranger works the controls. Even though he doesn’t know the man who’s taken him Sebastian doesn’t want to leave and is given a reward fuck by his favorite machine and shoots his load all over it.

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The Battle of the Pain Sluts

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In this Bound Gods Live Show, it’s a battle of the pain pigs as Master Avery and Van put Chad Rock, Scratch, and Chad Brock through the paces.The competition begins with the sub’s ass hooks tied to weighted buckets that they must hold out right. Drop the buckets and the ass hooks slide even deeper into their holes as Master Avery tests them with the flogger. Electricity is a well known adversary of Chad Rock and the taser causes him to lose the challenge, earning all three boys a hard paddling. Next tied to wooden posts each boy is flogged, belted, and single tailed. Chad’s torment is furthered by use of the cattle prod. The members make the call and decide that Scratch earns the victory fuck for taking Avery’s belt so well and Van and Avery both cum all over him.

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Wilfried Knight on “MEN ON EDGE”

Hairy French stud Wilfried Knight has experience as a top but he knows that to really dish it out you need to experience it from the other side. He’s here today to learn such a lesson. In leather, he’s tied up to a pillar and blindfolded. With a hard cock his nipples are worked over and we edge him until he curses in French. With his arms up he gets flogged hard, then we dildo fuck his red ass. He almost cums from the constant fucking and jacking. Wrapped in leather straps, Wilfried is suspended and gagged. Edged to the point of exhaustion, Wilfred is made to shoot his load, only to be suspended again and endures the intense post orgasm torment in mid air.

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