Butt Machine Boys

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Leather biker Luke Riley spends no time messing around. To start, Luke grabs the Fucksall and jacks his ass at full speed. That riles up his endorphins. He tosses the Fucksall aside and straddles the Crystal Palace, which makes his cock super hard. With the hard cock and a wet hole, he’s ready for the Chopper. Luke slowly turns the throttle and the wheel spins at a steady speed pushing the dildoed shaft up his ass. Luke’s wild side takes over as he cranks the throttle for a crazy hell ride.

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“Heavy Duty”

After putting a harness on fellow shaved-headed stud Aymeric DeVille, Adam Russo wraps his bud’s arms in bondage sleeves, tying them together behind his back. Adam flashes a wicked smile, licking Aymeric’s tight abs before opening wide for his thick beauty. Adam attaches weights to Aymeric’s bound sac (“Fucking stretch those balls!”), sucking him deep as the weights swing. Aymeric gets fed Adam’s beautiful boner: “Fucking devour it, boy!” Adam face fucks him, then pulls out and teases him (“Show me you want it!”) before stuffing him again. Adam feeds the sucker his fingers, then makes Aymeric beg for piss—shooting streams all over him: “My little pissy bottom…tell me you want more!” Aymeric gets a load in the mouth, spitting it out before getting a stream on his ass. Adam eats, fingers and fucks the bottom, the weights still dangli ng from his balls. Adam comes on Aymeric’s shaft, using the load to jack off the bottom as he wraps his muscular arm around him—grabbing Aymeric’s pec and kissing him in a hot closing shot.

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Adam Champ

It’s time to train bound jock JR Bronson’s hole and hairy, muscled man Adam Champ is the perfect trainer to do it. JR Bronson is lashed down to a shiny metal table with his legs spread wide open and ready for Adam’s training. Adam sucks, rims, and fingers the boy as he moans in bound ecstasy. Adam then takes his own Adam Champ Genuine Cast dildo (molded from his erect cock) and eases it into the bound jock’s hungry hole. Slowly at first and then faster and faster, eventually allowing JR Bronson to take it like a champ!


Bound WOOFY Daddy!

Furry stud and bound jock Morgan Black is alone in the locker room fantasizing about being tied up. Wearing nothing but black underwear and sneaker his hands are tied to his ankles as he rolls around trying to get free. Next he is stripped naked and his cock and balls are also tied to his ankles as he continues to struggle. He finally wiggles his hands free and is able to stroke out a big juicy load!


MEN ON EDGE: 1 Year Anniversary

Men on Edge: Feisty New Yorker

Kurt Von Ryder is a hot athletic stud, who’s trained in martial arts all his life. He’s brand new to KinkMen and Men on Edge, but says he’s been tied up and edged before. We start him off blindfolded on the cross as his arms and legs are tied down. His cock immediately gets hard, poking through his underwear just begging to be played with. As we edge his hard cock, we put some tit suckers on Kurt’s nipples while his cock feels the vibration of the hitachis. Kurt starts to get demanding when he’s denied of cumming, so we beat him with the flogger before suspending him and fucking his ass with a dildo. Tied down to the cross again, we shove a vibrator up Kurt’s ass and milk a giant load out of his hard cock. But, for being so demanding, we finish him off with some post-orgasmic tickling as he’s covered in his own cum, screaming for mercy.

Is that a LAUGH?!?!


Men on Edge

Titan ROUGH: Pumped, Pissed and Pounded

With their bearded chins bristling against each other, Dirk Caber and Will Swagger kiss as boners build in their tight trunks and jockstrap. Dark-haired Will licks Dirk’s hairy pit and pec, then gets grinded on as Will holds him tight from behind and slaps his ass. Dirk releases Will’s sac and big cock, fingering the precum off his bud’s mushroom head before licking it off his own finger. Dirk deep sucks him, then puts a penis pump over Will’s cock and works the juicy slab up until its red and busting at the veins. Will then fingers and tastes Dirk’s precum before sucking him, then covers Will’s big cock with another pump. The two take turns sucking and pumping each other, Dirk slapping up Will’s encased cock and flashing a wicked smile. An out-of-breath Will then works up a nice spit strand as he slurps on Dirk, who punches his pec. Dirk eats Will before fucking him, the bottom soon sitting down on him—staying stiff as he rides. Will smiles, wrapping his arms around the bottom to stroke him and squeeze his nips before the two release their loads.

Rogue Cop and The Hairy Biker

Bound Gods: Rogue Cop and The Hairy Biker

Late one night out on the streets, Officer Connor Maguire just caught himself a scoundrel by the name of Johnny Parker. Rather than taking this biker downtown for booking, Officer Maguire leads him to his secret spot, where he takes all his favorite scumbags for a little fun. Johnny is thrown to the ground and put in chains as Officer Maguire has him suck on his nightstick. Aroused, Connor whips out his hard cock and shoves it down the biker’s mouth before giving him a surprise taste of the flogger. Suspended upside down Johnny is made to swallow Officer Maguire’s cock and eat his hairy hole. Finally, Officer Maguire gives the outlaw a hard fucking in mid air till he sprays his load all over Johnny’s face. Before Officer Maguire takes his felon downtown, he has Johnny blow his giant load all over his foot and lick it clean.


Bound Gods