Introducing “TITAN Rough”

Loaded with some of the most intense hardcore Leather, Rubber, Piss, Fisting, Sounding, Electro, BDSM, CBT and other fetish content, Titan Rough promises to give gay fetish fans exactly what they want.



Titan ROUGH: “Heavy Duty”

Bearded Hunter Mark and Dirk Caber kiss—Dirk’s big, tight sack and cock shielded in a cock cage. Hunter wraps Dirk in a leather straightjacket, the excited sub leaking a strand of precum that the dom licks. A kiss gets Dirk more worked up, Hunter fingering and tonguing more of his bud’s juice before licking his balls. Now in a sling, Dirk’s cock and balls are free—Hunter sucking the thick boner. The alpha then traps Dirk’s sac in a ball crusher, tightening the screws on it as the sub soaks up the ache: “Shit! My balls are so full already!” Jutting through the holes on the ball clamp, Dirk’s rock-hard cock impressively throbs as Hunter feeds his big meat to him at the other end. His balls now free, Dirk stays stiff as he gets fucked balls deep—Hunter holding on to the bound bottom by the neck strap and his sleeves as he fucks him, their loa ds soon released.


“Heavy Duty”

After putting a harness on fellow shaved-headed stud Aymeric DeVille, Adam Russo wraps his bud’s arms in bondage sleeves, tying them together behind his back. Adam flashes a wicked smile, licking Aymeric’s tight abs before opening wide for his thick beauty. Adam attaches weights to Aymeric’s bound sac (“Fucking stretch those balls!”), sucking him deep as the weights swing. Aymeric gets fed Adam’s beautiful boner: “Fucking devour it, boy!” Adam face fucks him, then pulls out and teases him (“Show me you want it!”) before stuffing him again. Adam feeds the sucker his fingers, then makes Aymeric beg for piss—shooting streams all over him: “My little pissy bottom…tell me you want more!” Aymeric gets a load in the mouth, spitting it out before getting a stream on his ass. Adam eats, fingers and fucks the bottom, the weights still dangli ng from his balls. Adam comes on Aymeric’s shaft, using the load to jack off the bottom as he wraps his muscular arm around him—grabbing Aymeric’s pec and kissing him in a hot closing shot.

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TITAN Rough: Heavy Duty

With his wrists bound to his sides, salt-and-pepper stud Thor is at the mercy of tall and tan Anthony London. The two kiss, their scruff rubbing as Anthony grabs hold of Thor’s bulge—the uncut cock soon released from its pouch. “Pull my balls!” demands Thor. “Harder!” Anthony whips out his own cock and gets Thor to his knees, the silver fox gulping up the stud’s big slab. Anthony face fucks the breathless sucker (“Open up!”), spitting down on him. Anthony turns him around and munches on his hole, then fucks the grunting bottom from behind over a sling. On his back—his wrists now free—Thor gets it even harder, making another demand: “Pull my balls, man! Grab them hard!” Anthony fucks him rough, then lubes Thor up for a dildo fuck—twisting one in (“Stuff that ass!”) and punching the base in before making Thor’s ass swallow an e ven bigger, thicker tool. Anthony pisses all over the sub and in his mouth before fist fucking him—working his hairy muscle arms in deep, Thor’s puckering rosebud aching for more before the two squirt.

A *BLAST* of Chastity for you…

…because they sure can’t.

Latex Max Security Locking Shorts
As you can see, there’s a large Variety of Chastity Devices to choose from. It really is a matter of trying a few to figure out which one is best for you and your lifestyle (job, etc).

SOMEDAY… I’ll own a size 31-33 Locking Rubber Chastity Shorts. Another on the Ruff Wish List.  Or, maybe a size 30. Someday.   LOL!

Looks like FUN!!!

The description below says it all.   Comes with or without Electro.

Introducing the “SLING SLACK”.  Having that low-hanging, ass-slapping, sweaty sack feeling wasn’t enough for Oxballs. He’s so twisted he had to put two metal electrical contacts right under each ball to get your boys tingling. It doesn’t take much to take things from pleasure to serious pain action.

 Electrical contacts are made of finely machined solid aircraft aluminum. Use your existing electrical power box with 4mm banana plugs. If your power box comes with 2mm pin plugs, use the Pin to Banana Adaptor [E107] $15.00.

You can use the two metal electrical contact when you’re ready for some electro fun or easily remove the metal contacts to use the SackSling for non-electrified sucking, fucking and jacking. Essentially two toys in one.

 Slick it up inside and out with lube, put your meat through the front hole, drop your balls inside the sack…there’s a built-in ball ring that helps keep your balls in the sack…or put it on with no lube, your balls will work up a hot sweat inside the sack…there’s a drain hole bolt head under each ball…

Made from proprietary blend of TPR/Silicone, the SackSling stretches to go on and fits snugly.

The SackSling is the next generation of the Cocksling and Nuttsling designs that have been keeping your dick hard for a while now. The added nutsack is super soft and feels like big full balls slapping against your boy’s ass. It feels good swinging between your thighs when you move around.

The SackSling isn’t just meant for guys blessed with beautiful low hangers – it actually gives the rest of us that big bull in the pen felling. Wear it under your gear and have guys salivating for what you’re packing.

“Ohh! Ahhh! Gasp. Oww!” 

Our product test results on the SackSling Electro were universal. Open mouths, wide eyes and winces. But always followed by two thumbs up. We particularly loved watching our boss slip his nuts into the SackSling and remark, ‘Oh that feels GOOD.’ Then we turned up the juice. Haha!