Corporate Cruising

Corporate Cruising 

Starring Dani Demon and Donato Reyes 

The corporate environment can be horny enough with all those power suited men strutting around the office but when that’s coupled with the sleazier side of life the horn factor increases tenfold. Donato Reyes is the epitome of the high powered business man with his sharp pinstriped suit and his masculine trimmed beard, and when young colleague Dani Demon comes across him in the mensroom, workplace sexual tensions overflow. From tentatively stroking Donato’s dick through his suit flies, Dani’s seemingly mild manner soon changes as he relishes the opportunity to fuck his boss hard and enjoy burying his nose between his bosses amazing big butt cheeks. At Menatplay we love seeing the cocky executive boss getting what he deserves, and Donato takes is so well….


The Scoop on the IML 2013 Leather Market this year

Breaking News: Update on Vendor Market Pass Information! 

Leather Market Day Pass 

Non-weekend Package holders will need to get a daily wristband to enter the Vendor Market. The Day Pass Registration Area will be on the 5th Floor and adjacent to the Chicago Ballroom Vendor area. Signage and volunteers will be able to direct you. Suggested daily donation is $5 and wristbands are color-coded for each day of IML.

Introduced last year, an all-weekend “Pride Pass” is also available for a donation of at least $10.

“Pride Pass” holders will receive a coded wristband allowing unlimited market entry all weekend with no waiting in line! These passes will also be available in the Day Pass area.

All net proceeds of Day Pass and “Pride Pass” donations benefits The Leather Archives and Museum. 

All attendees to IML events must be at least 21 years of age and carry a government issued ID.