A *BLAST* of Heavy Metal Bondage

Combination Irons.  Keeps the boy’s head down.  Submissive.

Heavier the better. Reminds the boy of his place….
and who is in control.

Ball and Chain.  Hot to see a boy pull that around.

Big fan of Steel Chastity myself, this is the Rhino Cock Cage.  This one was a lot of fun to wear.

Especially, in public at Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco.

Rigid Irons. For a very limber boy… reverse it into a Hog Tie.

Rigid Irons in use again.

Caterpillar Cock Cage

Combination Irons.  And one of my all time favorite photos, too.

The Asylum Mask

Asylum Mask - Upper Half

Speaking from experience (in the photo above), the Asylum Mask is a fantastic blindfold that is put on very quickly (and removed even quicker when needed) that can help a boy go into his headspace while still having use of his mouth.  Since the mouth is exposed, it also helps the Top since he can read the boy’s facial expressions, too.   Another reason why it’s popular in BDSM Porn

One more quality about the Asylum Mask that I enjoy is that sometimes during a heavy Flogging scene, I can get VERY HOT (temperature wise) in my upper body and head area.   A half mask like this prevents a scene from ending too soon since more skin is exposed.  You can also drip or pat down the boy’s head with water.