MEN ON EDGE: 1 Year Anniversary

Men on Edge: Feisty New Yorker

Kurt Von Ryder is a hot athletic stud, who’s trained in martial arts all his life. He’s brand new to KinkMen and Men on Edge, but says he’s been tied up and edged before. We start him off blindfolded on the cross as his arms and legs are tied down. His cock immediately gets hard, poking through his underwear just begging to be played with. As we edge his hard cock, we put some tit suckers on Kurt’s nipples while his cock feels the vibration of the hitachis. Kurt starts to get demanding when he’s denied of cumming, so we beat him with the flogger before suspending him and fucking his ass with a dildo. Tied down to the cross again, we shove a vibrator up Kurt’s ass and milk a giant load out of his hard cock. But, for being so demanding, we finish him off with some post-orgasmic tickling as he’s covered in his own cum, screaming for mercy.

Is that a LAUGH?!?!


Men on Edge

Rogue Cop and The Hairy Biker

Bound Gods: Rogue Cop and The Hairy Biker

Late one night out on the streets, Officer Connor Maguire just caught himself a scoundrel by the name of Johnny Parker. Rather than taking this biker downtown for booking, Officer Maguire leads him to his secret spot, where he takes all his favorite scumbags for a little fun. Johnny is thrown to the ground and put in chains as Officer Maguire has him suck on his nightstick. Aroused, Connor whips out his hard cock and shoves it down the biker’s mouth before giving him a surprise taste of the flogger. Suspended upside down Johnny is made to swallow Officer Maguire’s cock and eat his hairy hole. Finally, Officer Maguire gives the outlaw a hard fucking in mid air till he sprays his load all over Johnny’s face. Before Officer Maguire takes his felon downtown, he has Johnny blow his giant load all over his foot and lick it clean.


Bound Gods

The Legend, The Present and The Future

Available now at Bound Gods: The Legend, The Present and The Future

Hayden Richards is a new dom in the House.

Our own house switch, Leo Forte, slave #198 is brought in to service the magnificent new dom. Van welcomes Mr Richards and commence dom training. Somehow things get personal and the spot light is on #198. The bondage session gets brushed aside for a moment. Van takes #198 on the most intense journey in the history of Bound Gods. #198 is stripped naked physically, mentally and spiritually because he’s too smart for his own good. With Daddy Zeus passing this last winter, Van makes a last attempt to get #198 on track. Will he succeed? Or, will the House crumple with no successor.


Bound Gods

Prison Sex

Available now at Bound Gods: The New Officer Maguire and The Horny Sex Offender

New officer on duty, Officer Connor Maguire watches over the perverted sex offender Caleb Colton. Caleb has been blindfolded and locked in chastity for his insubordination. Officer Maguire enters the cell and makes the pervert suck his fat cock and then fucks the prisoners tight hole with his nightstick. After receiving a vicious flogging from front to back, Caleb is suspended on his back where Officer Maguire gives him the fuck of his life and blows his load on the prisoners face. Covered in cum, Caleb sprays his own load on the officers boot and licks up every drop of cum.

Prisoners should always be kept in Chastity.

FREE VIDEO PREVIEW over at Bound Gods

Spencer Reed in Latex

Admittedly, despite running this blog, I’m not much of a Porn Connoisseur. I think the last DVD I watched was “Guys Gone Wild” while I was drunk at a party… and that probably doesn’t count, does it? LOL!

My jaw dropped when I saw Spencer Reed in full rubber. What a Monster.. It isn’t often you see a tall huge muscleman in full rubber like this. I really enjoyed the previews of these two videos. They’re available on Blu Ray, too.


From the film “STOCK ROOM

An all time favorite photo of mine.
The last 3 photos are from “SLICK DOGS“.

Doctor Morgan Black’s Fantasy

Available now at Bound Gods: Doctor Morgan Black’s Fantasy

Doctor Morgan Black is getting turned on by his fit new patient, Mitch Vaughn. Check his reflexes, check his breathing, imagine how hot it would be to tie him down on the exam table to suck his beautiful cock then flog his ass and fuck his hole. A rectal exam and the patients tight asshole clenches while the doctor dreams about forcing a huge electric butt-plug made of clear acrylic, so every pink internal spasm can be seen when he turns up the power. When the patient lies down with his ass in the air, Dr. Black can only think about locking up Mitchs hands and feet and fucking him hard with his face in the mattress.

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Slowly Edged in the Woods

Men On Edge – Josh West
He’s been a top on Kink Men renowned for his massive cock. Now Josh West comes to Men on Edge to to be bound, flogged, and fucked. Tied to a tree Josh gets hard beneath his underwear. We tease him with the vibrator and give him the nipple clamps. He’s manhandled and edged, before being suspended and left begging in the forest. After a hard flogging we fuck Josh’s ass. He is fully suspended and edged continuously. Unable to take more he blows his load โ€ฆ but even then, his massive cock must still endure the post orgasm torment.

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“Bound in Public” LIVE Shoot at Dore Alley Fair AND Mr S Leather

I was there when this happened in the Street and at the Store. 

One of the CRAZIEST things I’ve ever seen happen.

“Please come inside and FUCK ME!”

and they did.

Cody Allen Bound in Public at Dore Alley Fair & Mr S Leather
Date: Aug 24, 2012
Cody Allen gets pulled out of the crowd and tied up just to have a little fun. Before he knows it his clothes are being cut off and he’s being paraded around the hundreds of people as a common whore. He shows his 19 year old hole to everyone that has gathered around to watch him get flogged. When he begs for mercy he’s dragged to Mr. S Leather. The public follows us and we make him jack the guys off and suck their cocks. He’s called “clearance” and gets his ass fucked in front of the window while calling out to passers by to come inside and fuck him some more. Once he gets a few loads on his face we drag him back out to the fair for more humiliation.
FREE VIDEO CLIP of this scene over at

“RichTrove Photography”- Dore Alley 2012

A small sample of the photos posted HERE by RichTrove.  Keep in mind, this is just the playful side of Dore Alley (aka “Up Your Alley”) fair.  There’s much more he couldn’t share on his site. 
But, I’m sure he kept all for himself. Right, Rich?  ๐Ÿ˜‰
I’ll be posting photos I took sometime in the next week or so. Once I sort through all 600 of them…

Very Creative Pain Play

“With two buckets tied to an ass hook Jessie must hold on as Leo fills the buckets with weights, pulling the ASS HOOK tighter with every drop”.

Click HERE for a Free Video 

Preview Jessie Colter is alone washing the dungeon late at night. Leo Forte finds him and decides to spring a training session on the cocky new sub. He tests the boy’s endurance with the crop. Leo takes pride in this stallion but needs to make him worth more than his looks. With two buckets tied to an Ass Hook Jessie must hold on as Leo fills the buckets with weights, pulling the ass hook tighter with every drop. Jessie is suspended upside down, hanging in a head stock with his nipples clipped and nailed to the floor. Leo makes him suck his cock then with Jesse’s ass exposed gives him the electric butt plug and edges the boy. Tied to the metal bed Jesse gets fucked by Leo while the fucksall fucks his mouth. Leo flips the boy around and the fucksall pounds Jesse’s ass until he’s covered by his and Leo’s loads. 

To check out the * FREE* Video Preview of this rather Creative Pain Play scene check out 
Bound Gods

Ass Hook

Dirk Caber bottoms in “BOUND GODS”

Morgan Black is cruising the dungeon, horny, and looking to play. He finds Dirk Caber working out and admiring his muscle alone near the creek. The two Doms make out, sniff each other’s pits, and grope each other, but Morgan has ideas to take control. He throws Dirk in a sling, cock still hard, and fucks the hell out of him, making Dirk blow his load.

More Photos and FREE VIDEO PREVIEW available over at BOUND GODS.

The Asylum Mask

Asylum Mask - Upper Half

Speaking from experience (in the photo above), the Asylum Mask is a fantastic blindfold that is put on very quickly (and removed even quicker when needed) that can help a boy go into his headspace while still having use of his mouth.  Since the mouth is exposed, it also helps the Top since he can read the boy’s facial expressions, too.   Another reason why it’s popular in BDSM Porn

One more quality about the Asylum Mask that I enjoy is that sometimes during a heavy Flogging scene, I can get VERY HOT (temperature wise) in my upper body and head area.   A half mask like this prevents a scene from ending too soon since more skin is exposed.  You can also drip or pat down the boy’s head with water.