Extreme Humiliation

Bound In Public: Holden Phillips wants to be used and humiliated to the extreme

In a crowded bathroom, a group of horny men await as pain pig Holden Phillips is brought in to service the crowd. Everyone takes their turn groping the boy as he’s passed around like a little slut. On his knees he starts putting his mouth to work, finding every cock he can and making sure it’s rock hard. The guys each take him into a stall for their own personal use, beating his ass red before bending him over for a hard fucking. We hold him down and pull on his balls till he screams for mercy, but there’s no mercy here, we give his cock and balls a taste of the taser to teach him a lesson. The crowd then breaks off a toilet seat and turns Holden into a human self-servicing toilet. With the seat around his head the guys each fuck both his holes and douse him with cum and piss like the toilet whore he is.


Loser gets Humiliated

Will Parks “The Punisher

Ht: 5’11” 
WT: 180lbs 
Season W/L record ( 0-2)
John Jammen “Jizz on Your Face
Ht: 5’9″ 
WT: 155lbs
Season W/L record (0-0) 

We almost had to cancel this fight after our scheduled Blue fighter pussed out and pulled a “no-show” going up against Will “The Punisher” Parks. Luckily for us, John Jammen was there to watch the fight and stepped up to the plate to challenge The Punisher. Once John saw The Punisher’s ass, nothing could hold him back from gaining sexual dominancy. Will knows all too well how unforgiving losing on Naked Kombat can be though, and today he’s more determined than ever to punish his opponents tight hole. The intense sexual aggression continues from the mat into the bathroom where the loser gets his ass fucked and his head shoved in a toilet for a swirly.

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Naked Kombat

Hikers or Spies

Available now at Bound Gods: Hikers or Spies – The audience hands out the verdict

It’s the January Bound Gods Live show and we’re doing something we’ve never done before. In this 3 hour role playing event we feature Leo Forte and Sebastian Keys as the subs for Dom Morgan Black.The state of Kinkistan has apprehended two hikers claiming to be models from the neighboring country of Moldavia. They are charged with espionage and their interrogation is broadcast live on the internet for the citizens to decide their fate. Under the supervision of Cmdr. Morgan the boys are given a thorough cavity search. Still pleading innocent the interrogation is amped up as the two spies are made to suck cock. Still claiming to be hikers, the boys fate lies in the audience decision. The verdict: guilty. The two are tied up to bamboo and fucked by the Commander while suspended in the mid air. Resigned to the fact that they are now sex slaves for the country of Kinkistan they beg for Cmdr. Morgan’s load then blow their own loads on the Commander’s foot and lick it clean.

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“Bound in Public” LIVE Shoot at Dore Alley Fair AND Mr S Leather

I was there when this happened in the Street and at the Store. 

One of the CRAZIEST things I’ve ever seen happen.

“Please come inside and FUCK ME!”

and they did.

Cody Allen Bound in Public at Dore Alley Fair & Mr S Leather
Date: Aug 24, 2012
Cody Allen gets pulled out of the crowd and tied up just to have a little fun. Before he knows it his clothes are being cut off and he’s being paraded around the hundreds of people as a common whore. He shows his 19 year old hole to everyone that has gathered around to watch him get flogged. When he begs for mercy he’s dragged to Mr. S Leather. The public follows us and we make him jack the guys off and suck their cocks. He’s called “clearance” and gets his ass fucked in front of the window while calling out to passers by to come inside and fuck him some more. Once he gets a few loads on his face we drag him back out to the fair for more humiliation.
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Humiliated at Mr S Leather in SF

Cody Allen visits a clothing store. He finds a nice pair of leather cuffs. And before you know it, the store patrons put him in the cuffs, strip him naked against his will, and shove their filthy cocks into his mouth. One stud ties three pairs of leather boots to Cody’s balls and make him crawl around the store sucking cocks. The poor 19 year old endures a public flogging, gang bang, and a good old fashion bukkake. To add insult to injury, the exhausted naked boy is dragged through the streets for everyone to see.

The 2nd Video Filmed at Mr S Leather, you can check both of them out HERE which includes Video Previews.

Reader Submission: “BondageControl80”

Some photos from my good friend “BondageControl80” today. This poor fuck was so desperate to “get his Mojo” back that he allowed me to talk him into locking himself into the Boy Trainer Chastity Device… all the way from Australia. He was ordered to take the key and freeze it in a gallon of water. 

About 26 hours into Chastity, he gave up.

Make sure you send him a message on Recon reminding him what a PUSSY he was for taking off the device so soon.   
(Seriously, send him a message. The Public Humiliation is part of the game HE requested. He wanted me to do something humiliating, but doesn’t know I posted these. Have Fun!)

UPDATE: The boy has received what he wanted… an onslaught of criticism for taking the Chastity Device off so soon.   I didn’t tell him about this Blog post so the messages came from nowhere.  He said “it made my heart race in my chest, SIR” not knowing what was happening.

But, Don’t Stop!  Keep at it.  Especially, if you’re a Kinky Controlling Bondage Top in Sydney.