CLAW 2013 from my iPhone’s point of view

Here’s a few photos from CLAW 2013 from my iPhone’s point of view.

CLAW is a very interesting Animal. The sense of Brotherhood and Family you experience at this event is a bit different than IML or MAL because there is *NO CONTEST*. You heard me, NO CONTEST.   It’s very relaxed. No rushing to contests.  But, also like those 2 events, it’s very much a big Family Reunion. You see a lot of people from different clubs around the world come together and see each other for the first time in perhaps years. And of course, there are the Kink Event Virgins (that was a great T-Shirt), that are very much welcome and leave a bit more confident and accepted regarding their interests in Kink.

I had the pleasure of hanging with a couple of “Virgins” as well as running into FOUR of my Icon Detroit Brothers that I had not seen in many, many years.  That was really special to me.  They haven’t changed a bit.

The classes are a lot of fun. From Pain Play (Flogging) to the Aphrodisiacs Foods Class which was run by my “Uncle George” (I won’t call him “Daddy” he gets pissy when I say Auntie George πŸ˜‰ ).

I know the work and sacrifice that goes into organizing a volunteer based Kink Event and I gotta say I am truly impressed how much CLAW has grown. The guys who run CLAW, Dennis and Bob, and their countless obviously appreciated volunteers do an amazing job running a *VERY WELL ORGANIZED* Kink Event.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for an amazing weekend.

Puppy Play was very,  very big this year at CLAW this year.

Ring Toss

Aphrodisiac Foods Class.
And under the table…

Reunited with my ICON Detroit Club Brothers
Atom’s booty in Leather Football Pants

Pup Striker proudly representing the Chicago Rubbermen
Banquet Table

Ya gotta have a sense of humor in the Kink Community. 
This guy got a lot of attention.

I was in awe of this poster at the Leather Dinner 
and Leather Hall of Fame ceremony.

Hey, Look! It’s Me and the other “Ruff” in Chicago, Pup Ruff, from Great Lakes Den.

DINNER!!!  What a great meal, too.

Bye, CLAW!   See you next year!

Mark your Calendars

CLAW 14 is April 24-27, 2014.

CLAW Facebook Page

Additional MAL 2013 Photos

2013 was my… (gasp!)… 15th visit to Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend.   I always joke around that I can’t decide which I enjoy more, IML or MAL, with whichever being next as my Favorite.  Besides having amazing BDSM/Fetish Sex at the events, there’s also a great deal of hilarity amongst the people I attend these events with.   This year’s MAL is going down as one of the *FUNNIEST* Kink Events I’ve been to.  I left DC with a huge smile on my face. I’m still smiling days later.

Laughter and Humility is the key to great relationships and experiences.

I’m going to hold back from stating names as I know they’re all readers and would rather not be incriminated for being such Sexy Goofballs.  Instead, below are a few photos that were taken over the weekend as well as a ridiculous video we took while a little drunk.   If you’re super religious and easily offended, don’t watch the video (although, I’m sure you’ve watched worse on X-Tube!).

* I actually uploaded this to X-Tube but they removed it saying I violated Copyright Laws.  So, apparently, the Gideons (who leave bibles in hotels) don’t want their products on X-Tube?
She wouldn’t tell us where she got that Pin.

This photo sorta sums up any Kink Weekend, doesn’t it?

Boys will be boys.  Dancing DCBOL.

“You need to keep your Boots on
ALL weekend if you want to have any Sex”.

“I have Wool Sock String caught
in my Teeth now. But, It’s worth it”.

Oh, No. Go right ahead and paddle him 
in the Lobby. It’s cool. It’s MAL!!!

Doing my best “NYC Douche” look quickly for a friend in NYC
who couldn’t make it. Texted it in hopes he’ll come next year.

 That’s a Key to a Steel Chastity Device. Not a Rosari.


Sunday Night at MAL 2013.  Nuff’ said.

Somebody needs a trip to the Dry Cleaners.

I’m innocent. Not mine. REALLY.


“Do you carry anything Larger?”  


Like I said…

Laughs, Smiles and Sexy Goofballs.

Some boys just need a Day as a Dog to make things right

Pup Iota’s day at MAL 2013

Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend is another Kink Event where you can live out fantasies.  I have this cute Puppy friend named “Pup Iota” who obviously needed a little push (Kick?) to do just that.   Seeing that need in him, the need to be Puppy, I asked if he’d like to wear my Leather Chastity Shorts.  “SURE!”.  Ok. Good.  How about the Leather Puppy Hood?  “… Yes!”.   Great.  Add Monster Knee Pads, Puppy Bondage Mitts, Neoprene Collar and Leash… and we were off to the Leather Market for a day of fun.

I was a very lucky Handler that day.  Besides having beautiful expressive eyes that peek out of the Puppy Hood, he’s also very responsive, tough and downright hilarious as you can see in the photos.    Puppy Play hasn’t been a big thing for me in years.  But, playing with him sure made me see the fun in it again. Watching him go deep into the submissive Puppy Headspace was a turn on for both of us.  (Especially judging by the amount of Pre-Cum in the Leather Chastity afterwards)

Check out the Photos and Videos of his day as the Guard Dog of Mr. S Leather at MAL.

Once we arrived at the Mr S Booth it was… 

“OK, Pup. Go Play!!”.  

He was in Pup Headspace a good 5-6 hours.

Oh, Good. He found a Play Mate.
I would have never guessed him to be an Alpha.

Keep your Dogs hydrated.  I love this version of the
Puppy Hood. It encourages the Pup to be very… Oral.

Pets and Scratches from Jack.  Had I let him, Pup would have followed him around all day…

A little advertising.
WHAT!?!?  Dogs can’t play Piano!!!

Watch your Nipples around “Ella Fitzgerald”.  

Lady, you need a Nail Trim.
No Kennel around, I put “Pup Iota” into a 
Leather Sleepsack for some rest.

And, a little spanking and biting.  

He didn’t whimper… much.

Many THANKS to the Centaurs (MAL Organizers), Jonathon and the Mr. S Leather Crew for allowing “Pup Iota” to live out a fantasy of being a Guard Dog for a day. 

See you next year!   (or at CLAW/IML/Dore, etc)  

The Road to MAL 2013

Saw this at a rest stop along the Indiana/Ohio Turnpike yesterday on our drive in from Chicago to DC for Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend.  Had a good laugh as we think this sorta sums up the event all together.

They’re available at nearly every rest stop in Ohio and Indiana so I’m thinking I’ll buy one on the way back to give away as a hideous prank gift.     Friends… you’ve been warned.

LOL!– “But, I’m a Top!”

I got a big laugh out of the comic below.   It remind me of a demo at Mr S Leather during MAL 2012 earlier this year.  “The Imp” and I had put this very confident, masculine, bearded and furry guy into a Neoprene Sleepsack after quite a bit of convincing.    He got ROCK HARD instantly and stayed that way nearly an hour eventually getting off.

But, as he was about to Cum, he yells… 

“BUT, I’M A TOP!!”

Credit to Pup Emry for the drawing that will become infamous in the Kink Community.
That was my favorite moment of MAL this year.  I later chatted with the guy online (“Scruff” app of all places) where he told me he was always under the impression that it was demeaning for a Top to have bottom interests.  That it’s something he should hide away from all boys as they wouldn’t take him seriously.  He now thinks that Mentality (Old Guard?) is total Bull Shit.  I agree.  

Never limit yourself to experiences.  You don’t know what you’re missing. Fuck what others think.

SIDENOTE: I do believe that’s an Irish Wolfhound, Richard.  It’s another sign…

POLL RESULTS: Which Kink Event in 2012 are you most excited for?

Granted, there’s more events out there than I could possibly list for the Poll, here is the results of the latest poll on my Blog.  Not to sound like I’m speaking ill of the events, but I’m a little surprised how far down the list MIR and CLAW came into play but the other results are not terribly surprising.  

International Mister Leather in Chicago
  54 (31%)
Mid-Atlantic Leather in DC
  29 (16%)
Full Fetish Weekend in London
  20 (11%)
Folsom Street Fair in SF
  36 (20%)
Dore Alley Fair in SF
  26 (15%)
Folsom Street Fair in Berlin
  39 (22%)
Leather and Fetish weekend in Berlin
  18 (10%)
West Coast Rubber in Palm Springs, CA
  10 (5%)
Mr. International Rubber in Chicago
  26 (15%)
Fetish Weekend in Toronto
  11 (6%)
ICON Detroit Leather Carnival
  2 (1%)
CLAW: Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend
  18 (10%)
Mr. American Rubber in NYC
  7 (4%)
Mates Weekend in Provincetown, MA
  9 (5%)
Mr. Twin Cities Leather in Minneapolis
  4 (2%)
POLL IDEAS… got any?   

Feel free to EMAIL ME.


I didn’t take a whole lot of photos with my own camera this year as I was doing Demos (hands were busy) but here’s a few to share. 

They wanted to touch my Latex Shirt.  Which turned into a cuddlefest.  As I was leaving the other said “Girrrrrrl, can you see my legs in material like that?”.   Yes.

 Marc Sherkness – Carcione, Mr PW’s Leather 2012 and MAL 2012 Runner Up.

A “STARGATE” reference was heard many times that weekend.  

International Miss Leather, Sara Vines, is fucking hilarious and very sweet.  Loved her.

Need at Urinal at MAL?

Human Urinal Service Available at MAL

Last year over MAL weekend the PORTaURINAL was used by over 41 different men – many of them several times.

It sat quietly on the sidelines, being pissed in by men when they needed it, and then ignored when they were done.

This year the PORTaURINAL will again be providing this free public service at MAL.

If you are at the bar and there is a very long line for the bathroom,
If you and your buddies all need to piss at the same time,
If you are having a party and need extra facilities,
DON’T PANIC … use the PORTaURINAL and every drop will go down the pipe!

The PORTaURINAL has set a goal of swallowing 100+ loads of piss at MAL.
Follow @PORTaURINAL on Twitter for regularly updated times/locations where it can be used.

DC Leather Dinner & Mid Atlantic Uniform League dinner at MAL


Greetings Gentlemen!

We are pleased to announce the details of the joint DC Leather Dinner
and Mid Atlantic Uniform League dinner at MAL.  We will be back at
Cafe Berlin who did an excellent job last year and the owner was
thrilled to have us.  Details are:

What:  DCLD/MAUL Dinner @ MAL
When:  Friday the 13th!  13 Jan 2012, meet at hotel at 6:45pm, meet at
restaurant at 7:00pm
Where:  Cafe Berlin, 322 Massachusetts Ave NE, Washingon, DC 20002,
Ph: (202) 543-7656, web:
Who:  Locals and visitors for MAL.  We ask you to adhere to our dress
code of leather, rubber, neoprene or uniform items that cover
appropriate areas of your body as we are in a public eating

Our goal is to fill up one section of the restaurant with at least 40
gentlemen.  Please share the invite with friends and guys you know
that are coming to town.  To better help Cafe Berlin plan, please RSVP
to me ( early and no later than 4 Jan 2012.

Mid Atlantic Leather Weekend 2012

Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend (MAL) the biggest and hottest LEATHER, GEAR, FETISH, MOTORCYCLE, EXPERIENCED, NOVICE weekend, will be held on January 13-16, 2012 in Washington, DC.

Go to for all the information on our host hotel, Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill.  All of the hotel’s sleeping rooms have been set aside exclusively for MAL registrants – yes, the entire hotel!  The hotel is filling up fast so you should book your room NOW.  And as a reminder, you do not have to register for the full weekend package in order to reserve your sleeping room(s).  Call the hotel at 800-633-7313 or reserve online.

Our registration page is where you can purchase the FULL weekend package.  The full package provides you with access to all official MAL events.  Official events include our world-famous Leather Cocktails with complimentary open bar and food; Sunday brunch; the Mr. MAL Contest; Leather Exhibit Hall; and REACTION, our closing dance party with special guest DJ Quentin Harris.  Transportation to the dance venue, 9:30 Club, is included in the full weekend package.   T-shirts are available for an additional $20.  Registration cost is $150 until December 1 and then increases to $180 from December 1, 2011 until January 10, 2012.  Phone toll-free at 800-494-8497 where service representatives are available Monday through Friday from 10am – 6pm, and Saturdays from 11am – 4pm EST.

Finally, don’t forget to become a fan of our MAL FACEBOOK FAN PAGE at  We’ll be posting periodic updates about events and more about MAL 2012 on those pages as well as at

REMEMBER, for now, all you have to do is book your hotel room, register for the weekend, and we’ll see you in 12 short weeks!

See you there.

In brotherhood,

Centaur MC

 We’re booked at the host hotel Wednesday to Monday.  
See you then!

MAL wants your Feedback

For those who thought “The Magic was Gone” at MAL, here’s your chance to be heard.

Be nice about it though. Be sure you tell them what you DID like, too.


Thanks to everyone who made MAL 2011 a success. We couldn’t have done it without your support.

Moving to a new venue this year, we knew there were going to be some growing pains. We’ve already learned from MAL 2011 and there are some things we will do a little differently next year to make your weekend more enjoyable.

We also want to hear from you. If you attended MAL, we like to hear what you liked and what you didn’t. If you have specific ideas of what we could do differently, we really want to hear it. All CONSTRUCTIVE feedback is welcome.

Please send your thoughts and ideas to

We’ll see you next year!

In brotherhood,

Centaur Motorcycle Club

MAL: Revolution

It was a scorcher this summer in DC! Hope the heat wasn’t the only reason you managed to work up a sweat.
As the weather cools down, I’m sure many of you are looking forward to pulling on your leather or rubber or sports gear. That’s what the Centaur Motorcycle Club is thinking about too.
We’re already busy planning MAL 2011, one of the biggest and hottest LEATHER, GEAR, FETISH, MOTORCYCLE, KINKSTER, OLD GUARD, NEW GUARD, EXPERIENCED, NOVICE weekend, which will be held on JANUARY 14-17, 2011 in Washington, DC.
We’re happy to announce we have just launched the MAL 2011 WEBSITE ( It’s got information on our new host hotel, HYATT REGENCY CAPITOL HILL, which has twice as many rooms at our previous host hotel. The hotel is filling up fast, so book your room now.
Our registration page is also live, where you can purchase the MAL 2011 FULL WEEKEND PACKAGE. This gets you into all Official MAL events and also gets you discounted admission to MAL Partner events.
Attention Exhibitors! If you’re interested in getting space in our MAL 2011 EXHIBIT HALL applications forms are posted on the Exhibitors page of our website. Deadline for applications is September 30th!
And don’t forget to become a fan of our new MAL FACEBOOK FAN PAGE (!/pages/Mid-Atlantic-Leather/102629973126752). We’ll be posting periodic updates about events, entertainment, and much more about MAL 2011 on the page.
So all you have to do is book your room, register for the weekend, and we’ll see you in January!
Your brothers at the Centaur MC