How to have a Bondage Vacation PART THREE

Luckiboy has sent in part 3 of his “how to have a Bondage Vacation”. If you’d like to ask him any questions, just leave the question in the comment area.

Thanks again to the very handsome and sexy Luckiboy for sharing.


“How to have a Bondage Vacation”

Part Three

by Luckiboy

So far I’ve discussed: Being certain you want to have a bondage vacation, finding a Dom with whom you are a match, communicating before the captivity, and preparing for the trip. I’ll now move into the bondage vacation itself, but first a word about contracts.


I have to admit, I am incredibly turned on by contracts. Just reading one gives me an instant erection. The terms it lies out so precisely and definitively are the best mental representation of your impending experience and as such are incredibly erotic.

Contracts are not necessary and some Doms don’t do them at all. However, there are two great reasons to create one. First, it clearly lays out the rules by which you will play and holds the Dom to them just as much as you. Second, it gets all the negotiation out of the way before hand. This way, when you are there you can focus on serving within the established bounds and fall deep into the submissive headspace. This will help ensure that it’s a meaningful experience for you…and the Dom.

And now a word of caution: Make sure you understand the contract 100%. Make sure you understand every term in there, everything that will be required of you, and every right that you are giving up. A Dom will hold you to the contract you sign.

Captivity: Down Time

There is a lot that can be discussed about the actual time of captivity. I think there are probably enough photos, videos, stories, blog posts, etc. to inform your perception of play time, of how a boy can be used and abused in bondage. But what happens in between? Just as life isn’t one long porn video, an extended bondage scene of 24, 48, 72 or more hours is not one long play session. I’ve yet to meet the Dom (or sub) who could physically keep up with that. If nothing else there are certain natural phenomena that need to be attended to.

You will find yourself bound and not used for significant periods of time. Depending on what you’ve discussed with the Dom, these could be complete breaks (perhaps with you locked in chastity), rest periods (where you might be locked in a cage with a pillow and some water), or “storage” (where you are at least fairly significantly bound and kept that way until needed by the Dom again).

Know what you can deal with, physically, emotionally, and mentally, before you find yourself in a situation that you won’t be controlling. Experience will inform you, so don’t jump three steps ahead. And you can always let the Dom know during your captivity that you can take more if you find that you can. He’ll love that, trust me.

But even the most experience players can run into trouble. Not so long ago I found myself in a sleepsack nearly alone for more than 12 hours. I was an emotional wreck when I was let go, and I take responsibility for getting myself into that situation. The Dom and I had multiple detailed discussions before I arrived. He is a skilled and safe bondage enthusiast (I was never in any real danger). However, I was not clear about my ability to be left like that for long periods, knowing that he planned periods when I would be left in bondage. I learned my lesson and approach new situations with more clarity.

So what do you do when you find yourself “unused” during your captivity, no matter to what degree you are bound? Here are some tips:
• Breathe. And breathe normally. Make sure you can breathe and focus on that. Use the time as a meditation where you focus on breathing.
• Getting bored? Well, first, don’t tell the Dom or he might give you something to solve that (like an electro butt plug that goes off at random intervals). Try to think of the story you would write about your experience. Or see what lyrics you can remember to songs you know. I often find myself humming when I’m in such a situation.
• Exercise. Well, OK, you might not be able to move much, but keep the blood flowing. If you have enough freedom, do some isometrics moving your limbs in as much space as you have. If you are fairly well restrained, wiggle your toes and fingers, and gently flex your joints. This will help you stay as comfortable as might be possible and ensure that you don’t have any physical problems.
• And if you really, really want to explore your submissive side, use the time to mentally submit, to emotionally let go. Repeat a mantra like “I belong to Sir, mind, body, and soul” or let your mind explore the boundaries of such a situation. Imagine the captivity was your life, that you were a true bondage slave. See where that takes you. And when Sir comes to use you again, you just might please him on a whole new level and grow even more as a bondage submissive.

I hope this information has helped. In future installments, I’d like to answer specific questions you might have, so add them as comments on this post.

Here’s Part One and Part Two

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How to have a Bondage Vacation PART TWO

How to have a Bondage Vacation,
Part 2 in a series

by “Luckiboy

Last month I covered some “pre-flight” necessities that any sub needs to consider before planning to travel for an extended bondage scene. Basically it broke down into two parts: Be sure you want to do this and Find a Dom you can trust.

Now that you’ve decided you really want to do this and you’ve found a Dom with whom you have a connection, it’s time to prepare for the trip.


Nothing is more important than clear, honest communication both before and during your captivity. Not only does it help ensure your safety, but it can really make your time with the Dom extremely satisfying for both of you. You should lay out not only all your limits, but anything you are curious about and anything you fantasize about. Not that it’s going to be about you dictating the scene, but letting the Dom into your head not only gives him a better idea of what to do to you, but it really gives him more control over you, which is what you are yearning for anyway, isn’t it.

There are many versions of the “interest” checklist available on the Web, here’s one: I highly suggest filling one out. They can be quite specific and probably list things you haven’t thought of that might be wildly fascinating or concrete-hard limits. And when you are rating your limits, err on the safe side. The Dom can always push you further if you are reacting positively to a specific kink. Take caution with the Dom who doesn’t want any information about your experience, your limits, what you are looking for. It either means he is not experienced enough to work within and carefully push limits or that he plays at an intense level where there are no limits, and that’s probably not what you want…at least not your first time out.

And don’t be afraid to ask your Dom anything and everything. There are no bad questions. He may choose not to share certain aspects of your captivity with you in order to heighten his control over you. But you need to be comfortable with him if you are going to surrender control. True surrender requires trust. And it’s only by surrendering that you are really going to get out of this bondage vacation what you want…and probably need.

Which brings me to the other important thing about lots of upfront communication. The best scenes transpire when there is no negotiation once you are there, no backing-out, no way out. If you are exhaustive in your pre-trip dialogue, than you can agree to such an intense and real scene without hesitation. Any time I do a multi-day scene now, this is how it is set up.

Preparing for the Trip

Here’s a checklist of some things you should to do before you leave. These are just as important as making sure you have your passport before you head for that vacation to Mykonos.

· Leave the name, number, and address of the Dom with someone. If you can’t tell them exactly what you’re up to, tell them it’s the group leader for a weekend workshop you’re attending…which, come to think of it, isn’t far from the truth.

· If you’re the kind of guy who’s cell phone is permanently attached to his ear, you may want to change your outgoing message, since your phone is likely to be off for a couple of days. This will stop the incessant “where are you” calls from friends.

· Make sure the Dom has all your flight info, if you are flying, and call/text/email him as you get on the plane to confirm you made it on.

· Eat light and healthy for at least the day before. You’re body is about to undergo a lot of strain and you don’t want your digestive system having to work as hard as your muscles are about to.

· On the same note, stay hydrated, even on the way there. Dehydration is the most dangerous thing that can happen and with all the excitement it’s quite easy to get to that point.

· Hold off on cumming for at least 3 days before so you are nice and horny when you get there. Some Dom’s may order this period (or longer) and some may want you in chastity (the CB series travels quite nicely).

· If, like me, you are a boy with an extremely tight hole and you expect the Dom to make some, even light, use of it, work it out for a few days before. Use your fingers or a small dildo or a plug to loosen yourself up and help you practice breathing and relaxing when penetrated.

A lot of this is just plain common sense. Use your head…the big one on your shoulders. If you plan accordingly, you are on your way to what could be a life alerting experience.

Next time: Contracts

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READER SUBMISSION: How to have a Bondage Vacation

A friend of mine has offered to do a few articles on Long Term Bondage. Below is the first installation. It’s great!

“How to have a Bondage Vacation”

By luckiboy

I’ve traveled more than half a dozen times for multi-day bondage and captivity scenes in other cities. I even went to London once. I guess you can say I’ve been on a mission to experience the best bondage tops with the best playrooms and dungeons. I’ve been very fortunate to have done just that, spending sometimes 3 or 4 days locked up, always in some form of bondage, no way out.

These experiences have been (for the most part) incredibly successful. I’ve experienced new things, expanding my limits, or more accurately my horizons. I’ve met great guys. And I’ve learned a lot about myself.

To have such an experience there are some key things a sub/boy/slave/bottom needs to know and to do. These will not only ensure your own safety, but also make the experience special for both you and the Dom/Sir/Master/Top you give yourself to.
Be sure you really want to do this.

Being locked up in a hot Master’s dungeon is a common fantasy, and for most just that. You look at pics on the web, even some of those incredible (and mostly downright impossible) drawings, get hard, and think that’s what you want. Here’s a tip I call “Cum and Continue.” If you’re considering doing this and even discussing the possibility with a Sir and you’re getting all hot and bothered, go ahead and jerk off. Cum spectacularly. Clean yourself off and continue, if you can. Sure the sexual urge subsides, but if the urge to experience multi-day captivity has been wiped from your mind, then it’s not for you. If you go on a bondage vacation, you are going to spend a lot of time in bondage either without cumming or after cumming. If you can’t deal with that, then just be honest with yourself and understand it’s not for you.

Finding a match you can trust.

There are a lot of guys out there who would hurt you (and not in a good way) either because they don’t know what they are doing or because that’s what they really want to do. You have to be discerning. Here are some tips to help you evaluate your prospective Vacation Master:

1. Will he share pictures of himself where you can clearly see his face?
2. Does he have pics of his dungeon, gear, himself and/or boys in action? Both you and the Master may want an element of surprise and unknown, but in this age of digital cameras, he should be willing to let you see something, even whet your appetite a bit. Take a close look. Does it look like something you’ve seen elsewhere on the Web? Make sure they are genuine.
3. Will he give you references? Talk to other boys that have been there. How much experience does he have and how much experience does he expect you to have going in?
4. Will he get on the phone with you? DO NOT do this all via messaging on a leather site or via email.
5. Will he give you an address (that you can leave with someone)? Look it up on Google Maps and make sure it jibes with what they’ve told you. (Note that most will only give you an address when you’ve committed to go. But you should definitely get it several days before, not the day of.)
6. Does he insist you come immediately or is he willing to schedule? This isn’t something you want to rush into and perhaps he hasn’t done his own Cum and Continue test and is too wrapped up in his own fantasy.
7. And finally, can you carry on a conversation with him. You may want to remain in the roles you’ve established when you talk, but you should be able to have an open, pleasant, and clear conversation.

Stay Tuned for Part Two… and Three!

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Reader Contribution: “RubberLink” and “RubCop”

Thanks for the Sexy photos, guys.  I’m sure these will be very popular for many years to come.

RubCop is my oldest fetish friend – he was the one with whom I tried real bondage with for the first time. It’s been 6-7 years now, and we haven’t met very often, but this year we’ve started to compensate for that. Since my gastric bypass back in December ’10, I’ve started exploring life as a top more – a consequence of the operation is that I need to eat every 2 hours, so for me a top position is easier to maintain play in. So, now that I’ve gotten gear, I asked RubCop to take some photos – this is what we ended up with; A rubber officer taking his faithful dog out for a patrol.”- “RubberLink

“SoundsFun” on Bound Gods

A recent contributor to this blog, “SoundsFun“, can now be seen in a Video on Bound Gods. I didn’t recognize him at first. I was given the heads up by his BF, HappyFrosh. Looks amazing!

Fresh out of basic training, private Jeof Pierson reports for his Army physical from Dr. Nick Moretti. Nick tests the young recruit thoroughly to see how tough he really is. With Jeof mummified, the doctor attaches some medical forceps to his nipples and then pleases himself by sucking Jeof’s huge cock, swallowing it to the base, before giving the private a brutal face fucking. He then inserts an electrified catheter into the private’s rock hard cock and gets off to watching as it pulses and jumps with each wave of electricity that passes through it. Next, Jeof’s ass is put to the test with an electro butt plug. Finally, Jeof is bound with rope and made to endure a hard whipping from Nick’s belt before his final test… a brutal suspension fuck.  

as “A Young Private endures a brutal Army Physical”

Another READER SUBMISSION from: “Bond1970”

On a scale of 1 to 10 in Perverted Hotness, this is a 12 for me.   

I’ve been in the Suspension Bondage in this video while in a Leather Bondage Suit.   I had one of the most intense orgasms of my life. I think it has something to do with the pressure around the thighs and the Electro.  Seeing the video below makes me crave another experience like that.

Absolutely breathtaking.

Many thanks to “Bond1970” for another reader contribution.   That boy has way too much fun!!!

Some boys just need a Day as a Dog to make things right

Pup Iota’s day at MAL 2013

Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend is another Kink Event where you can live out fantasies.  I have this cute Puppy friend named “Pup Iota” who obviously needed a little push (Kick?) to do just that.   Seeing that need in him, the need to be Puppy, I asked if he’d like to wear my Leather Chastity Shorts.  “SURE!”.  Ok. Good.  How about the Leather Puppy Hood?  “… Yes!”.   Great.  Add Monster Knee Pads, Puppy Bondage Mitts, Neoprene Collar and Leash… and we were off to the Leather Market for a day of fun.

I was a very lucky Handler that day.  Besides having beautiful expressive eyes that peek out of the Puppy Hood, he’s also very responsive, tough and downright hilarious as you can see in the photos.    Puppy Play hasn’t been a big thing for me in years.  But, playing with him sure made me see the fun in it again. Watching him go deep into the submissive Puppy Headspace was a turn on for both of us.  (Especially judging by the amount of Pre-Cum in the Leather Chastity afterwards)

Check out the Photos and Videos of his day as the Guard Dog of Mr. S Leather at MAL.

Once we arrived at the Mr S Booth it was… 

“OK, Pup. Go Play!!”.  

He was in Pup Headspace a good 5-6 hours.

Oh, Good. He found a Play Mate.
I would have never guessed him to be an Alpha.

Keep your Dogs hydrated.  I love this version of the
Puppy Hood. It encourages the Pup to be very… Oral.

Pets and Scratches from Jack.  Had I let him, Pup would have followed him around all day…

A little advertising.
WHAT!?!?  Dogs can’t play Piano!!!

Watch your Nipples around “Ella Fitzgerald”.  

Lady, you need a Nail Trim.
No Kennel around, I put “Pup Iota” into a 
Leather Sleepsack for some rest.

And, a little spanking and biting.  

He didn’t whimper… much.

Many THANKS to the Centaurs (MAL Organizers), Jonathon and the Mr. S Leather Crew for allowing “Pup Iota” to live out a fantasy of being a Guard Dog for a day. 

See you next year!   (or at CLAW/IML/Dore, etc)  


Another Reader Submission, this time from a photographer by the name of HOXTON RUBBER.   Really like the way he makes the Rubber Polo stand out in the photos.  Really nice chests on the Men.  Looking forward to seeing more of his work in the future. 

Thank you for sending in the photos!
If you’d like to do a Reader Submission with a link to your 
profile or business, feel free to Email Me.