Reader Contribution: “RubberLink” and “RubCop”

Thanks for the Sexy photos, guys.  I’m sure these will be very popular for many years to come.

RubCop is my oldest fetish friend – he was the one with whom I tried real bondage with for the first time. It’s been 6-7 years now, and we haven’t met very often, but this year we’ve started to compensate for that. Since my gastric bypass back in December ’10, I’ve started exploring life as a top more – a consequence of the operation is that I need to eat every 2 hours, so for me a top position is easier to maintain play in. So, now that I’ve gotten gear, I asked RubCop to take some photos – this is what we ended up with; A rubber officer taking his faithful dog out for a patrol.”- “RubberLink

The Door to Door Missionary

Bound Gods: The Door to Door Missionary

Adam Herst is alone in his pigsty of an apartment, minding his own business, trying to get some sleep. His slumber is interrupted when a missionary, Elder O’Reilly, comes knocking on his door asking to use the telephone. The irritated slob lets him use the phone but as soon as Elder O’Reilly starts preaching, that’s when Adam has had enough. He throws the poor boy down on the couch and binds his hands before tearing away his clothes. After tasting Elder O’Reilly’s sweet hole, Adam whips out his hard cock and fucks the boy as he screams for mercy. Adam strips the boy completely and beats him red with a belt. The missionary’s screams only make Adam’s cock harder. Tied down to the bed, Elder O’Reilly endures hot wax poured all over his body before Adam turns him around and fucks his tight hole without mercy. After giving Elder O’Reilly a face-full of cum, Adam milks the boy’s cock and makes him lick up his own load.

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“The Sub”

James Ryder dominates his teammates on and off the court. After practice the hung athlete pulls Doug Acre aside to show him who’s in charge. He gets the young blond rookie to worship his Leather Cod Piece Jockstrap then pulls out his giant cock and shoves it down Doug’s throat. Captain Ryder fucks Acre’s throat then pulls down the young stud’s jock to get a look at his growing whopper. James can’t resist sucking the monster but it’s really Doug’s ass that he’s after. He kicks back with his cock in the air and orders Doug to sit down on it. Ryder fucks a load out of Acre then pulls out, jacks off, and shoots all over his teammate’s chest and abs.


Biology Teacher

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Mr. Herst is a tough hot teacher, who doesn’t take any bull from his students. As Mr. Herst is explaining the course outline, the class jock, Doug Acre is daydreaming about his new sexy and strict professor. Doug is tied to a chair as his muscled professor takes out his big throbbing cock and shoves it down Doug’s throat. Mr. Herst bends the boy over his knee, playing with his hole and giving him the paddling he deserves. Once more Doug is bent over the teachers desk as Mr. Herst slams his hard cock deep in Doug’s tight hole. Doug is flipped over on his back and gets fucked so hard he cums all over himself. Seeing Doug’s hot load pushes Mr. Herst to the edge and he finishes the jock off with a load dripping on his face.

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Some boys just need a Day as a Dog to make things right

Pup Iota’s day at MAL 2013

Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend is another Kink Event where you can live out fantasies.  I have this cute Puppy friend named “Pup Iota” who obviously needed a little push (Kick?) to do just that.   Seeing that need in him, the need to be Puppy, I asked if he’d like to wear my Leather Chastity Shorts.  “SURE!”.  Ok. Good.  How about the Leather Puppy Hood?  “… Yes!”.   Great.  Add Monster Knee Pads, Puppy Bondage Mitts, Neoprene Collar and Leash… and we were off to the Leather Market for a day of fun.

I was a very lucky Handler that day.  Besides having beautiful expressive eyes that peek out of the Puppy Hood, he’s also very responsive, tough and downright hilarious as you can see in the photos.    Puppy Play hasn’t been a big thing for me in years.  But, playing with him sure made me see the fun in it again. Watching him go deep into the submissive Puppy Headspace was a turn on for both of us.  (Especially judging by the amount of Pre-Cum in the Leather Chastity afterwards)

Check out the Photos and Videos of his day as the Guard Dog of Mr. S Leather at MAL.

Once we arrived at the Mr S Booth it was… 

“OK, Pup. Go Play!!”.  

He was in Pup Headspace a good 5-6 hours.

Oh, Good. He found a Play Mate.
I would have never guessed him to be an Alpha.

Keep your Dogs hydrated.  I love this version of the
Puppy Hood. It encourages the Pup to be very… Oral.

Pets and Scratches from Jack.  Had I let him, Pup would have followed him around all day…

A little advertising.
WHAT!?!?  Dogs can’t play Piano!!!

Watch your Nipples around “Ella Fitzgerald”.  

Lady, you need a Nail Trim.
No Kennel around, I put “Pup Iota” into a 
Leather Sleepsack for some rest.

And, a little spanking and biting.  

He didn’t whimper… much.

Many THANKS to the Centaurs (MAL Organizers), Jonathon and the Mr. S Leather Crew for allowing “Pup Iota” to live out a fantasy of being a Guard Dog for a day. 

See you next year!   (or at CLAW/IML/Dore, etc)  

Silverfox Samuel Colt


Starring Samuel Colt and Jake Genesis 

Menatplay has a new Tailor – Jake Genesis, and he is responsible for making our men look so smart and sexy. Although some of them are used to wearing suits, others don’t own a suit of their own and it is up to Jake to give them the Menatplay Makeover. This was the case of Samuel who arrived at his shop needing a bespoke suit. So Jake takes his measurements and gives him some samples from his collection to try on. But when he sees Samuel all suited up in a perfect grey two-piece, he can’t help but feel a twinge of excitement in his trousers and Samuel notices this giving him the signal to go for it. Soon enough Jake is on his knees giving his client the full Menatplay treatment, and for those who aren’t familiar with our staff you can bet Samuel left the shop one happy customer after receiving the fucking of a lifetime. That’s what we like to call bespoke service!

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