Some boys just need a Day as a Dog to make things right

Pup Iota’s day at MAL 2013

Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend is another Kink Event where you can live out fantasies.  I have this cute Puppy friend named “Pup Iota” who obviously needed a little push (Kick?) to do just that.   Seeing that need in him, the need to be Puppy, I asked if he’d like to wear my Leather Chastity Shorts.  “SURE!”.  Ok. Good.  How about the Leather Puppy Hood?  “… Yes!”.   Great.  Add Monster Knee Pads, Puppy Bondage Mitts, Neoprene Collar and Leash… and we were off to the Leather Market for a day of fun.

I was a very lucky Handler that day.  Besides having beautiful expressive eyes that peek out of the Puppy Hood, he’s also very responsive, tough and downright hilarious as you can see in the photos.    Puppy Play hasn’t been a big thing for me in years.  But, playing with him sure made me see the fun in it again. Watching him go deep into the submissive Puppy Headspace was a turn on for both of us.  (Especially judging by the amount of Pre-Cum in the Leather Chastity afterwards)

Check out the Photos and Videos of his day as the Guard Dog of Mr. S Leather at MAL.

Once we arrived at the Mr S Booth it was… 

“OK, Pup. Go Play!!”.  

He was in Pup Headspace a good 5-6 hours.

Oh, Good. He found a Play Mate.
I would have never guessed him to be an Alpha.

Keep your Dogs hydrated.  I love this version of the
Puppy Hood. It encourages the Pup to be very… Oral.

Pets and Scratches from Jack.  Had I let him, Pup would have followed him around all day…

A little advertising.
WHAT!?!?  Dogs can’t play Piano!!!

Watch your Nipples around “Ella Fitzgerald”.  

Lady, you need a Nail Trim.
No Kennel around, I put “Pup Iota” into a 
Leather Sleepsack for some rest.

And, a little spanking and biting.  

He didn’t whimper… much.

Many THANKS to the Centaurs (MAL Organizers), Jonathon and the Mr. S Leather Crew for allowing “Pup Iota” to live out a fantasy of being a Guard Dog for a day. 

See you next year!   (or at CLAW/IML/Dore, etc)