Neill – Dumb Jock – Part 2

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Neill – Dumb Jock – Part 2
There is something about a straight jock that brings out the sadist in us. It’s not so much that Neill is cocky or arrogant. It’s not just that he has a rocking body. It’s his pure maleness, his bulging muscles and lack of brainpower, like he’s nothing but a primitive sex machine. We have to hurt him, treat him like a side of beef. Jared delights not only in turning up the voltage flowing into Neill’s pecs, but also savors announcing it in advance. The look of fear on that dumb but gorgeous face is priceless. Neill takes the abuse, like a kicked dog, and then takes some more. Jared plays with the stud’s cock and strokes his body like he owns it. Then, when he gets bored shocking the stud, Jared bolts him into a steel ankle and wrist bar, his naked ass up in the air just begging to be fucked. So he fucks it.


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Audition: Dirk Caber ‘auditions’ Liam Knox with his ass!

On his run, beefcake Liam Knox jogs by a familiar stranger: Dirk Caber, home from his workout. Dirk motions Liam to follow him to the back of the house. Their foreheads meet, hands roaming each other. Dirk grips the growing bulge in Liam’s shorts and releases it, rubbing his stubbly face on it. He sucks Liam to the root, smiling up at him. Liam fucks his face, shouting “Gimmie that fucking tongue!” as Dirk licks his sac. Dirk goes up for a kiss, licking Liam’s pit (“Get in there! Taste that sweat!”). Dirk’s throbber pops out in Liam’s face, the sucker flexing as Dirk marvels “Look at the size of those arms!” In the bedroom, Dirk munches on Liam’s jock ass. Liam’s cock pulses as Dirk slides inside, the top feeding his thumb to the hungry bottom. Liam plows Dirk from behind, his bubble butt rippling. Dirk gets on his back and grunts as he gets rammed, their hands clasped. Dirk’s boner shakes as he gets i! t hard, his cock soon covered in cum.

Aden Davinci – Another Dumb Jock – Part 1

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Aden Davinci – Another Dumb Jock – Part 1
Jared spots Aden at the same gym frequented by Neill. An hour later, Aden is spread-eagled on the bondage table, looking oh-so-sexy, struggling and flexing against his Leather Restraints, his navel popping out from under his shirt. He’s dressed in spandex jeans and a sleeveless T-shirt, classic dumb-jock gear, garish but sexy as hell. Jared massages the 21-year-old’s muscles and gradually cuts away his clothes, until he’s completely naked, but for a blackout hood and gag. After removing each piece of clothing, Jared pricks Aden’s smooth, perfect skin with the pinwheel, making the boy yelp with pain. Then he sticks Aden’s cock and balls through a steel ring and attaches Electrodes. This is going to be fun.



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Bradley – Dreams Come True – Part 6

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Bradley – Dreams Come True – Part 6
Jared’s client has a thing for boys in jocks, but he also loves Bradley’s huge cock, so Jared quickly rips the jock off. Bradley, looking even younger after having his torso and ass shaved, is brutally lashed with the single-tail, making him squirm and buckle and covering his back and ass with deep, red stripes. Jared stops whipping the boy just long enough to get him hard before using the Single Tail Whip on him some more, driving his client insane with desire. Bradley even cums again, despite the barbarous pain of the whip and having ejaculated just a few hours ago, while crucified. No wonder our client is so obsessed with this young swimmer. We share his obsession. Bradley is the perfect torture slave.

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