2 Men Kiss

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2 Men Kiss movie trailer

It’s the rush you feel when you look into his eyes. The urge that overwhelms you when you see his body. The bolt of electricity that courses through every hard inch when he touches you. Join TitanMen exclusives Lorenzo Flexx, Liam Knox and Dallas Steele as they show you what happens when 2 Men Kiss.

Liam Knox needs some warming up after a dip in the pool, and Dallas Steele is happy to keep him wet in a breathless exchange that stretches every furry hole.

The chemistry rises as Adam Ramzi and Alex Mecum lock eyes and lips in a romantic flip fuck filled with clasped hands, toe-curling thrusts and a spirited, beard-soaking facial.

Dirk Caber gets caught jacking off by hairy daddy Anthony London, the two 69ing before flip fucking in a verbal encounter that quickly gets sweaty and sticky.

After kissing and horsing around in the pool, Lorenzo Flexx and Jason Vario hit the showers and the bedroom, where Jason takes control with his big uncut cock.

Felix Frost – First Time



Felix Frost – First Time – Part 3
College boy Felix is spread-eagled naked on a table. An electrified dildo has been removed from his ass, but his torture is far from over. Jared flogs the fresh wounds around his navel, then removes the clothespin from his nipples and whips those, too. The blows are hard and constant, making Felix moan through his tape gag, a look of utter fear in his eyes. Jared is still fuming over his boy’s inability to cum because of the pain. “Time to really fry your ass,” Jared says, shoving the huge, electrified dildo into the boy’s ass again. Jared turns up the voltage 50% and flips the switch, letting the current flow for minutes at a time, making Felix arch off the table in agony, shaking like a leaf. Soon Felix is in a state of shock, just a quivering lump of beautiful boy flesh. Later, he is flipped over and lashed many, many times on his back and ass with the bullwhip.

Ian Levine – Final Consent IV




Ian Levine – Final Consent IV – Part 7
The bullwhip continues to crash down onto Ian’s young, supine body. The blonde youth thrashes and flexes against his bonds, gasping and whimpering as Jared whips him then squeezes, licks and kisses the whip-wounds crisscrossing his back and ass, from his shoulder blades to his asshole. Just when Ian thinks things could not possibly be worse, Jared applies an electric wand to his wounds, tripling the pain. Jared loves watching Ian’s perfect ass jump up and down as he moans and shrieks. “Turn over!” Jared demands, after uncuffing Ian’s wrists and ankles. Ian complies, arching his back in pain as his limbs are stretched and recuffed to the corners of the torture table. His cock and balls are encased in a metal ring – foretelling future torture – then his nearly hairless chest and stomach are sliced over and over with the bullwhip. Seeing the look or pure fear, followed by pure agony, on Ian’s innocent face is almost as good as watching his young body squirm.