Reader Contribution: “RubberLink” and “RubCop”

Thanks for the Sexy photos, guys.  I’m sure these will be very popular for many years to come.

RubCop is my oldest fetish friend – he was the one with whom I tried real bondage with for the first time. It’s been 6-7 years now, and we haven’t met very often, but this year we’ve started to compensate for that. Since my gastric bypass back in December ’10, I’ve started exploring life as a top more – a consequence of the operation is that I need to eat every 2 hours, so for me a top position is easier to maintain play in. So, now that I’ve gotten gear, I asked RubCop to take some photos – this is what we ended up with; A rubber officer taking his faithful dog out for a patrol.”- “RubberLink

Titan ROUGH: “Heavy Duty”

Bearded Hunter Mark and Dirk Caber kiss—Dirk’s big, tight sack and cock shielded in a cock cage. Hunter wraps Dirk in a leather straightjacket, the excited sub leaking a strand of precum that the dom licks. A kiss gets Dirk more worked up, Hunter fingering and tonguing more of his bud’s juice before licking his balls. Now in a sling, Dirk’s cock and balls are free—Hunter sucking the thick boner. The alpha then traps Dirk’s sac in a ball crusher, tightening the screws on it as the sub soaks up the ache: “Shit! My balls are so full already!” Jutting through the holes on the ball clamp, Dirk’s rock-hard cock impressively throbs as Hunter feeds his big meat to him at the other end. His balls now free, Dirk stays stiff as he gets fucked balls deep—Hunter holding on to the bound bottom by the neck strap and his sleeves as he fucks him, their loa ds soon released.


Loser goes into a Straitjacket

Marcus “The IceMan” Isaacs 


Leo “The Force” Forte

Leo “The Force” Forte is back after losing his first match of the season against Race “The Crusher” Cooper. His opponent this time is hot newcomer Marcus “The IceMan” Isaacs. Marcus is a hairy stud who says Leo’s nothing but a bitch and he’s ready to teach him a lesson. Marcus charges at Leo, but “The Force” uses his agility to evade Marcus’ attack, and goes for his back catching him in a full nelson. “The IceMan” struggles to get Leo off him and manages to smother “The Force’s” face with his hairy ass. After a third round of hard cocks and high aggression, the loser is dragged off to a padded cell where he’s punished for losing with a hard fucking while restrained in a straight jacket.

“Padded Cell Fuck”

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Obsession and Infatuation

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Bryan Cole lets this stud Connor Maguire stay at his house. Poor Bryan is obsessed with his friend. Bryan can not resist staring his hot hung friend as he’s getting ready for bed. When Bryan falls asleep, he dreams of waking up, bound in a straight jacket, inside a padded cell. Connor picks him up and slams him to the ground before giving him a beating with the crop. Telling Bryan he’s a miserable pig, Connor shoves his foot in Bryan’s mouth, then his throbbing hard cock. Connor’s cock is raging hard as he flogs Bryan’s muscled body till it turns red. After swallowing Connor’s big cock, Bryan is suspended in the air for Connor to have perfect access to fuck his hairy hole. Bryan is put in the stockades where his ass is paddled and fucked till he receives Connor’s glorious cum covered cock in his eager mouth.

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Additional MAL 2013 Photos

2013 was my… (gasp!)… 15th visit to Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend.   I always joke around that I can’t decide which I enjoy more, IML or MAL, with whichever being next as my Favorite.  Besides having amazing BDSM/Fetish Sex at the events, there’s also a great deal of hilarity amongst the people I attend these events with.   This year’s MAL is going down as one of the *FUNNIEST* Kink Events I’ve been to.  I left DC with a huge smile on my face. I’m still smiling days later.

Laughter and Humility is the key to great relationships and experiences.

I’m going to hold back from stating names as I know they’re all readers and would rather not be incriminated for being such Sexy Goofballs.  Instead, below are a few photos that were taken over the weekend as well as a ridiculous video we took while a little drunk.   If you’re super religious and easily offended, don’t watch the video (although, I’m sure you’ve watched worse on X-Tube!).

* I actually uploaded this to X-Tube but they removed it saying I violated Copyright Laws.  So, apparently, the Gideons (who leave bibles in hotels) don’t want their products on X-Tube?
She wouldn’t tell us where she got that Pin.

This photo sorta sums up any Kink Weekend, doesn’t it?

Boys will be boys.  Dancing DCBOL.

“You need to keep your Boots on
ALL weekend if you want to have any Sex”.

“I have Wool Sock String caught
in my Teeth now. But, It’s worth it”.

Oh, No. Go right ahead and paddle him 
in the Lobby. It’s cool. It’s MAL!!!

Doing my best “NYC Douche” look quickly for a friend in NYC
who couldn’t make it. Texted it in hopes he’ll come next year.

 That’s a Key to a Steel Chastity Device. Not a Rosari.


Sunday Night at MAL 2013.  Nuff’ said.

Somebody needs a trip to the Dry Cleaners.

I’m innocent. Not mine. REALLY.


“Do you carry anything Larger?”  


Like I said…

Laughs, Smiles and Sexy Goofballs.