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Left or right #gayfetish

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Behind the scenes

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How to spot a CATFISH

Catfish signs

1) If they get defensive about sending pictures

2) If they say “that’s all the pics I have” after sending you like 1 or 2 pics

3) If they say “come over and you’ll see more”

4) If the pics are blurry you have to zoom in

5) If they say “I don’t have nudes” or “I don’t send face pics”

6) If they say “this is my work phone can’t do nude pics” yet they’re on grinder

7) If all they wanna do is trade pics or videos chances are they got those pics and videos from another victim

8) If the pics are screenshots

9) If their muscles don’t match other body shot pictures

10) If they say “I’m going to send my friend to fuck you” and tell you to be blind folded, face down and ass up

11) If they say they’re “discreet” so they don’t trade pics

12) If your guts is telling you this is too good to be true

13) If they refuse to take pictures in a specific pose to verify themselves

14) If they claim to be straight then you gotta be extra cautious. Using a straight card can get you to put down your fences easier

15) If they over sharing lots and lots of pictures or videos. That’s a red flag sign. Be cautious with anyone oversharing!

16) If they ask you to go to a website and sign up for a membership to prove that you’re serious about meeting with them. NEVER EVER EVER FALL FOR THIS TRICK! EVER!