Wyatt – Playtime – Part 4

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Wyatt – Playtime – Part 4

Beautiful, young Wyatt is back! Jared has kept him locked in a tiny cage for the last two weeks, naked and shaved clean. The slave has been fed and exercised so he’s ready for more torture. Jared drags Wyatt from his cage and bolts him to the cross. The kid has never been crucified before but quickly learns the simple power of the cross. He is fit and compact, with a good strength-to-weight ratio, so he can hold himself in place for several minutes before the ache – then the agony – sets in. Soon, however, the slave is gasping in pain, glistening with sweat, his legs shaking. And then things get worse: First Jared puts a ball-crusher on Wyatt’s balls, then hangs a heavy iron weight from it. Wyatt moans in agony. He needs relief! And he gets it, sort off. Jared attaches electrodes to the metal ball crusher and Wyatt’s wrist and places a stool covered with pressure-sensors in front of him. The slave can step on the stool to relieve the pull of his body against the cross, but even slight pressure sets electricity surging into his body. Jared the sadist strikes again.



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“Dark Fantasy”

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Alex puts an ad out on line for a BDSM experience he has always wanted to try. He ends up toying around with people and never following through. Sexually frustrated and eager to full fill Alexís fantasy, Dominic steps in and takes charge. Dominic gets Alex tied, bound and gagged then he drives out to the middle of nowhere and brings the deep dark secret fantasy to life. Spank, paddle, and bareback are just a glimpse into this action thriller.



Bound Gods Puppy Play

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Wearing only a leather dog mask and a jock strap, hands resembling paws bound in black tape, Brian Bonds barks like a dog and wags his tail in his cage, waiting for his master, Jonah Fontana. Jonah enters the room wearing black leather pants and boots, holding a crop, and asks his puppy if he wants to get let out of his cage and play for a while. After a couple of excited barks, Jonah lets his puppy out of the cage and gives him a scratch on the chin. Brian sits like a dog in front of Jonah and begs for his bone. Jonah tells his puppy that he’ll have to earn it and crops his back and inserts a butt-plug puppy tail into Brian’s asshole before whipping out his hard pierced cock. Through the leather puppy mask, Brian sucks his master’s cock while getting cropped. In the next scene Brian is bound with rope on his back to a circular table. Jonah comes in and removes the mask’s muzzle and replaces it with a spider-gag in Brian’s mouth. Jonah cuts Brian’s jock off with scissors and sucks his pup’s hard cock. After that, Jonah applies clover clamps to his pup’s nipples and across his stomach and even more across his ball-sack. Jonah sticks his hard pierced cock through the spider-gag in Brian’s mouth and fucks his face before painfully removing all of the clover clamps. In the final scene, Jonah ties his pup to the outside of his kennel with his ass sticking out. Jonah crops his ass and back hard while Brian whimpers. Jonah then removes Brian’s butt plug and replaces it with his cock. Jonah fucks Brian’s ass deep and hard sticking his fingers in Brian’s mouth making him taste his leather glove. After a hard fucking, Jonah releases his pup from the cage to give him a treat and shoots a huge load all over his leather mask.

Alex Chandler – Putin’s Revenge – Part 3

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Alex Chandler – Putin’s Revenge – Part 3

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After spending the night handcuffed to a concrete post, naked, alone and in total darkness, his body racked with pain from hours of flogging, Alex now finds himself standing, still naked, in another room. He’s chained to the floor at his ankles. Behind him is a wall covered with whips, chains and various tools of torture. Suddenly, Alex hears the whir of a motor and feels his wrists being lifted above his head, as his muscular tormentor, Jared, enters the room and selects a six-foot, single-tail whip from the wall. “I don’t think I need to tell you how this whip is going to feel,” Jared says as he rubs Alex’s tight abs and fondles his cock. Jared then slices the young Russian’s beautiful, lean back and bulbous, firm ass with dozens of cutting blows. He switches to a nine-foot single-tail and speeds up the whipping, pausing only to spray the boy’s fresh wounds with alcohol. Alex screams, whimpers, flexes and squirms. Such a beautiful boy so brutally tortured for all the world to see.

“Struggle Pup”

Leather Big Wolf vs Axl Black

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Leather Big Wolf vs Axl Black

For the Italian leather stallion leather Big wolf his cigar is like a second cock. Before he fucks guys with his horny giant piston, he insists they indulge in the burning part between his lips. Here comes the Scottish fuckpig Axl. When the master in his sharp leather outfit ignites the cigar and contemptuously blows out the smoke, the slave is immediately aware of what kind of guy he’s got: tough, relentless. And the smoke taste always stays in the mouth, no matter if he rams his cock in the throat of the little pig, or if the horny sweaty armpits are licked clean, or the slave spits into the snout. The greedy Scot looks into the embers and knows that he is now only property. He has never been so horny.