“Fist Fuckers”

Holden Phillips puts on one hell of a show for Alessandro Del Torro. The young stud lies on his back wearing a bright red latex cockring/buttplug combo furiously fucking his own hole. Del Torro steps up and takes over, pummeling the kid’s ass with a huge dildo and jacking on his own fat uncut cock. All of the hardcore assplay has Phillips on his knees begging for more so Del Torro greases up his gloved fist and shoves it in the pig-bottom’s hole. The hardcore fisting action makes Holden’s big dick hard so he beats off while Alessandro teases his hole. As soon as he shoots his load Alessandro shoves a plug in Holden’s hole and leaves him there stroking his fat cock.  FREE VIDEO PREVIEW.

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“Hole Busters”


Jimmy Durano finds Liam Harkmoore restrained in the stocks with his giant white ass up in the air. The muscular Latino powerhouse moves in to examine Liam’s tight puckered hole and grabs a thick latex cock to start the assplay session. Liam begs Jimmy to shove the giant dildo in his ass and stretch out his hole. It’s clear that Liam is ready for something more so Jimmy grabs an even thicker, longer weapon and mercilessly fucks his now protruding butthole. The twisted action makes Jimmy’s huge cock rock hard so he pulls out his own dick and strokes it while he punishes Liam’s ass. Liam continues to urge Jimmy on so he chooses a huge cone-shaped dildo as thick as a man’s leg at the base. He shoves it deep in Liam’s hole and jacks off until he cums, leaving Liam with gobs of thick white lube dripping from his worn out ass.

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Butt Machine Boy

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Handsome Jake Woods strips naked and showers. Stroking his hard cock, Jake cleans up with an enema and he’s ready for the machines. He starts out with the Trespasser with a thick dildo attachment. It pounds away at his juicy hole and Jake refrains from cumming. He finishes up with the Little Guy. Don’t let the name fool you. The Little Guy has deep strokes and fast piston action. Jake showers the floor with his own hot cum and it’s time for another shower.


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D214-A D214-CVideo Preview of the “DUKE” in action

Get ready for the ride of your life. The Duke vibe will have you blowing your wad in no time. Ergonomically shaped- you’ll get pulsing vibrations right where they count- your prostate and your chode (aka taint). The upper bulge of the Duke will give you that full feeling when it’s inserted. Rechargeable with “click n charge” magnetic technology. You’ll get infinite hours to make your hole happy. Three different programs and three vibration intensities with each give you nine different options to choose from.

Made from 100% silicone. But unlike other silicone products this vibe has a softer, silkier finish to make using even more enjoyable. Super easy and intuitive to use. Cleans up easy- just remove the operating unit and wash as you would your other toys. Please note the operating unit is not waterproof- it is only water resistant.

Before the first use, charge the toy completely. The first charging process could take up to 12 hours.

Now go ahead and make your hole happy.