READER SUBMISSION: “Voffen”… part two

Here’s the 2nd portion of a Reader Submission from the very sexy “Voffen” hailing from the Czech Republic in Prague.  Not only does he model for fetish photography but he is also the photographer.  

Thank you for sharing!

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RUFF THOUGHTS: Cosplay Search

OK, yeah, so I’m sorta getting into the Cosplay scene and… shocker… I don’t know where the best play to get Cosplay gear.  In particular, the new stealth uniform Chris Evans is wearing in the new Captain America trailer.  In spandex, of course.   😉

Do any of my Cosplay readers have any suggestions or links? Feel free to email me.   RuffsStuffBlog @ gmail dot comxyyc.pngScreen Shot 2013-06-09 at 3.11.27 PM