New from “IRON LOCK UP”

full_02 full_09Sir Pan tests out his new piece of gear, a custom made 7’6″ diameter rotating steel octagon on Prisoner #12282010. The Prisoner is suspended by chain to the octagon and fucked with while being inverted several times – strapped in painfully by heavy steel chain. Eventually Sir Pan allows the Prisoner to cum while inverted and he blows a huge load all over his own face.


Reader Submission: “BondageFirst” and the DeRoy Bondage Vest

P1040513 P1040514 P1040518 P1040521 P1040522Another incredible Reader Submission by “BondageFirst“.  He posts new photos on his Recon Profile often and they’re always a work of bondage art.  This time around, he’s using the DeRoy Bondage Vest.

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Bound, Beaten & Fucked

Available now at Bound Gods: Huge cock boy bound, beaten and fucked

Connor Maguire orders his boy Mike De Marko to his knees as he removes his clothes. With a boot on his back, Connor inspects Mike, slapping the boy’s ass red before stringing his hands up to the ceiling. Mike endures a flogging as Connor pulls on the boy’s cock as he viciously whips him. His arms locked in the stockade, Mike’s ass is wide open for Mr Maguire’s pleasure. He rams his cock down his sub’s throat before beating Mike’s ass with the paddle. Once it’s nice and red Mr Maguire fucks his boy’s ass before having him suspended on the dungeon bed. Connor plays with his and Mike’s cock as the bound stud dangles above him. He flogs Mike’s ass before climbing on the bed and railing his sub’s ass once more. Connor milks a load out of his cock before having Mike sucks every drop off.



This READER SUBMISSION comes from a very, very cute Bondage Boy from the United Kingdom that goes by the handle “UKBound101”…or as his MASTER calls him… “SHITHEAD”. Below you’ll find the story behind his nickname.  


IMAG0553 IMAG0555_s1 IMAG0557 IMAG0561

“SIR likes me to remember my place and all I care about is making Him proud of His property, so when I was putting together my new rubber skinboi uniform I found myself begging Him to be allowed to label myself with His name for me – SHITHEAD. This is the third uniform to be labeled like this for SIR, and I doubt it will be the last!”- UKBound101

He sent in quite a few sexy photos that I’ll display in the near future.  If you’d like to be a part of a future Reader Submission, send an email to

“Folsom Street Fair WHORE” part two

The BOUND IN PUBLIC CREW takes Folsom Street Fair by storm, pulling Jessie Colter and his angel wings on a chariot through the sea of people. The crowd gathers round as the BIP crew present the Folsom Street Whore, Cameron Kincade front and center. His balls are tied down with bottles as Cameron’s made to crawl through the crowd begging for more trash for his tender balls. Cameron then has honey and syrup poured all over his body as he’s “tarred and feathered” in front of the crowd. Just for some added humiliation we have Cameron crawl his messy feathered ass through the streets back to sex arcade. Cameron crawls to each stall servicing the hard cocks that await him. After shoving as many cocks in his mouth as they can, the guys drag him to the back arcade for Connor Maguire to give him a rough fucking. After pounding his ass the guys bring the Folsom whore to his knees to receive all their loads all over his face.

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“Folsom Street Fair WHORE”

Chain Bondage

Bind-BondageReport4-010-R147 Bind-BondageReport4-007-R147 Bind-BondageReport4-001-R147

The Bind Bondage Report brings a well chained prisoner to a point of helplessness. Chained spread eagle in a locked cell and left for endless hours will do powerful things to a prisoners mind. The sexual helplessness is also a factor. This was played out at theCentral Correctional Facility. We recently visited this well-equipped playground; this place is the real deal. These guy are doers not talkers.


Serious Male Bondage


Available now at Bound Gods: Onyx vs Redz – Pre-Folsom Street Fair Live Show

Two Redz captives, Jessie Colter and Alessio Romero, are dragged front and center, hoods on their heads and their hands cuffed behind them. Once unmasked both subs are put right to work, servicing Onyx doms of the house Christian Wilde and Hayden Richards, shoving their big hard cocks down their throats. In the Onyx lair, both Redz are then bound in the center of the room as Van gives them a taste of the single tail on their backside. The torment continues as Christian and Hayden drip hot wax all over Jessie and Alessio’s torso, burning the pubes on their balls as they scream in pain. Their holes are opened for their masters as Christian and Hayden relentlessly fuck them. Both subs are brought to their knees as they service their master’s feet. On the sybian’s, Alessio and Jessie have clothespins attached all down their torso as they’re ordered to see who can cum first. First one to cum gets the clothespins taken off and rewarded with cum all over his face, while the loser has his clothespins cropped off one by one.