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“LeatherBoyCLE” is by far one of the most handsome, sweetest and fun Kinksters I’ve ever met. Prime husband material (and playmate), too!   While he has perfect hair, he also loves wearing a tight locking hood overnight.   😉

Thank you for sharing your photos!

LeatherBoyCLE’s Recon Profile

CLAW 2016 Vendor Market Tour

Here’s a good video that gives you an idea of how much the CLAW vendor market has grown over the years.  I’ve gone to 3-4 of their events in Cleveland Ohio over the years.  The first one I went to was well over 10 years ago and it was held in a bar.  Next year, it’s being held in the Westin in downtown Cleveland. Very impressive!   It makes me proud to be a Leatherman from Ohio.

CLAW 2015 Hotel now accepting reservations!


There’s no way I’m missing CLAW 2015.  The hotels sold out last year from what I understand. It’s a fun event. I recommend everyone check it out.  


CLAW Attendance and Schedule of Events Both Grow Again. A record 1,200 people enjoyed CLAW at a new hotel. New events included Pool Parties, Speed Dating Games, and a Men’s BDSM Play Space in the host hotel.

In June, the CLAW Board of Directors distributed $50,000 among 16 different charities. Counting CLAW Nation parties, CLAW has now donated over $500,000 since it began. Big thanks to CLAW’s many sponsors, vendors, advertisers, silent auction donors, attendees and more than 400 volunteers who helped to raise money at CLAW.

CLAW 15 is April 23-26, 2015. Book your rooms now and be at the host hotel for CLAW 15! New Hotel: Holiday Inn Cleveland South. Rooms $129.00/night.

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