“Superhero Fetish Is A Real Thing and It’s Time To Suit Up!”- by Cesar Torres

“Superhero Fetish Is A Real Thing and It’s Time To Suit Up!”

        – by Cesar Torres

“Have you ever found yourself watching a superhero blockbuster movie at the megaplex and wondered if you were the only one in the theater who got more than a little aroused by all the muscles in spandex? Or maybe you even thought to yourself: Damn, the things I’d like to do with that sexy man (or woman) in that skintight costume?

I am sure you have —  comic fan or not —  but for a few of us, the appeal of superheroes runs much deeper. Because for some of us, we want to really get into it with a hero, and for him to get sexual with while we both wear the capes and tights. And this desire even has a name: superhero fetish, and it’s very real…



RUFF THOUGHTS: Wizard World Chicago

I’m attending my very first Cosplay event tomorrow in costume.  I’ll be trying to channel my inner Steve Rogers in my Captain America suit.    

It’s funny… this being my first Cosplay event, I have a little anxiety much like when I went to my first leather bar.  Not so much nervous with this as I am excited.   There’s a big contest tomorrow we are planning to attend.  I doubt I’ll enter it but I will definitely be taking photos to share on my blog later.  

If you see me and author Pablo Greene (“How to kill a Superhero“) feel free to say hello!


COSPLAY: Great Batman suit

COSPLAY: Awesome Superman suit