RUFF PICS: Learning from scenes that go bad


This is a photo of me in a barber chair having a forced haircut scene.  Does anyone remember the old “Shared Web” fetish sites?  Rubbermen, Buzzed Hard and others?   Apparently “Buzzed Hard” got a copy of it and used it on their site.  I just found it on Tumblr.   

Sometimes we have a very bad scene that makes us not want to play for a long while.  That’s the story behind this photo.   My limits were not respected (in many ways) and I had the shit scared out of me by two others. Painfully held against my will.   

I look at this old photo and remember how important communication between players is.  Before the visit, I told one of them “I want to be mind fucked” but what I really meant was “I want to be controlled in a strict SIR/boy experience”.  “Mind Fucked” was the wrong choice of words. Very strong words the top should have questioned but didn’t.  Which led to him not respecting my wishes for the scene to stop even when I said I couldn’t feel my hands.   He also made a fake call to my partner.  “He says to do what I want”.  That broke me.

I didn’t play for 8 months.  We lost a friend from this experience.

So, now, like… 15 years later…  I look back at this photo now as a traumatic lesson that I’ve learned from and put into practice when I bottom OR top. Communication is key to a great D/s experience. I no longer just go into a scene without discussing it first.  

When the boy I played with at MAL told me that he wanted a long weekend of “Strict Protocol” and role playing… I didn’t just say “OK”.  We talked in detail about what that involved so that we were clear. I made him give me examples of the kind of protocol and control he wanted.  Talking in detail about the scenes we both wanted made my 21st MAL one of the most memorable.  

I can’t wait to see that boy again.

RUFF THOUGHTS: “Setting the Tone with a Friend”

gallery_144619_wm_16486240One of my favorite ways to start a scene (if not my favorite?) with a Friend is to have him arrive at my place, let himself in and find a note with instructions.   The instructions are pretty simple.  Strip.  Use the bathroom.  Find your way to the middle of the playroom.  Kneel down.  Put the hood on that I’ve left.  And just wait there with your hands behind your back and head down.

I make him wait a bit.  Usually making gradual more and more noise leading to my heavy boots coming down the stairs.  Circling.  Inspecting my property.  My prey.

See… it’s the hood that starts the scene for us both.  His vision is taken away.  And I don’t actually see my friend’s face. We don’t see the expressive faces we both know so well. You know, the ones that geek out over Apple computer talk, Superhero Talk or the new shoes he bought.  I just see… property. A toy. Or… in the right agreed upon situation…


I don’t really suggest this scene for people who are playing with each for the first time and also feel the Top needs to have another level of alertness to the boy.   When I’ve done this scene as a bottom, while waiting, I’ve gotten momentary anxiety(and boredom if the Top isn’t well prepared).  I also ask to wear kneepads if I’m going to be on my knees a very long time. But, then again, some people are more used to being on their knees than myself.  😉

If you have a creative way to set the tone of a scene that you’d like to share, feel free to email me and I’ll share it here.