RUFF PICS: Learning from scenes that go bad


This is a photo of me in a barber chair having a forced haircut scene.  Does anyone remember the old “Shared Web” fetish sites?  Rubbermen, Buzzed Hard and others?   Apparently “Buzzed Hard” got a copy of it and used it on their site.  I just found it on Tumblr.   

Sometimes we have a very bad scene that makes us not want to play for a long while.  That’s the story behind this photo.   My limits were not respected (in many ways) and I had the shit scared out of me by two others. Painfully held against my will.   

I look at this old photo and remember how important communication between players is.  Before the visit, I told one of them “I want to be mind fucked” but what I really meant was “I want to be controlled in a strict SIR/boy experience”.  “Mind Fucked” was the wrong choice of words. Very strong words the top should have questioned but didn’t.  Which led to him not respecting my wishes for the scene to stop even when I said I couldn’t feel my hands.   He also made a fake call to my partner.  “He says to do what I want”.  That broke me.

I didn’t play for 8 months.  We lost a friend from this experience.

So, now, like… 15 years later…  I look back at this photo now as a traumatic lesson that I’ve learned from and put into practice when I bottom OR top. Communication is key to a great D/s experience. I no longer just go into a scene without discussing it first.  

When the boy I played with at MAL told me that he wanted a long weekend of “Strict Protocol” and role playing… I didn’t just say “OK”.  We talked in detail about what that involved so that we were clear. I made him give me examples of the kind of protocol and control he wanted.  Talking in detail about the scenes we both wanted made my 21st MAL one of the most memorable.  

I can’t wait to see that boy again.

Stuffing the holiday whore

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Rex Cameron is a naughty little whore, after getting fucked in suspension he’s dragged around like the holiday whore that he is, sucking cock left and right. He offers his muscled ass to the crowd as they take turns plunging their cocks. Begging for more cock he’s fucked on a box for everyone to use before shooting a load onto his own chest. Circled around Santa’s throne, Rex begs for more cum as the horny party goers happily oblige.

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RUFF THOUGHTS: “My own personal Chastity Challenge”

Yesterday, I received my Stainless Steel Chastity Cock Cage from Mr S Leather. I’ve tried A LOT of Chastity Devices and this one is my favorite. It’s the most comfortable and least likely to be damaged of all the devices I own. I’m so very happy with it. Especially, with the play date I have coming up in 5 days. I decided to challenge myself to wear the device until then (well… they decided). It’s only 5 days (my record is just under 2 months with no orgasm) but I’m very rusty on Chastity play as a bottom. The challenge this time around isn’t so much as a physical one but a behavioral one. I’ll describe below.

If you haven’t done chastity or are an inexperienced Top with Chastity Games, this may very well help with your D/s connection.

Chastity isn’t for everyone. As you may know, it causes some intense moments of Sexual Frustration. Some do not last more than a few hours because their hormones make them easily agitated. Totally understandable! Been there! You want to take it off, throw it across the room and immediately wank to your favorite Tumblr feed. Chastity just might not be your thing. And, that’s fine.

Then there’s my form of Sexual Frustration. For me, personally, when my Dick is locked up over a period of time, it makes me feel more submissive and eager to please. I can honestly say, for me, the Headspace when playing with full balls is truly more Euphoric than any Orgasm.

“Please, SIR, do not let me cum! I don’t want this to end!!!”

The downside of Chastity is that when I’m locked up without the opportunity to see the SIR for an extended period of time, it becomes less rewarding. I find myself needing interaction with the SIR several times a day. I’m 100% certain that I’ve exhausted SIRs with “I’m so Horny!” Text/IMs. (Thank you. You’ve been a Saints).  I really hate when I get like that. I can’t help but to think of myself as “Sheldon” from “Big Bang Theory” knocking on “Penny’s” door.




So, with this 5 day stretch of Chastity, I have to say that starting off, I felt fine. But, within 6 hours I was “knocking on the door”. So, I’m challenging myself not to let myself to stronger and not become “Sheldon”. Keeping myself busy helps. I’m still working out, going to work, walking the dogs and being myself. Sure, I’m horny right now, but, I’m far from hard as I write this even with the Kidney Plug up my ass. More of a mental headspace.

BUT… we can’t ignore that it is most definitely a two way street.

Experienced Tops understand that interaction in the form of Praise, Pics and even Video from the SIR are always required. Tasks from SIR such as Hole Training, Kneeling practice or safe forms of solo bondage can also help the connection between play dates. Cybering and Skype isn’t for everyone but sometimes just seeing SIR’s face live can quell the “Demons” for a while.   Just, you know, don’t forget you have another human’s genitalia locked away!  (Yes, I know a Top that forgot)

Also, there’s the backup plan to help the boy in moments of desperation when the boy may act on a knee jerk reaction to his frustration and remove the device without permission. If you’re both serious about the role play, then there should be consequences. Punishment can come in several forms. The disappointed SIR could deny contact for a period of time. Also, the boy’s violation remembered in a later Play Date. And… if the boy is seriously on the edge of removing it, there’s always the idea of that promise the boy made to video himself applying Hot & Icy cream to his balls for 10 minutes BEFORE he removes the device. That might change his mind. It doesn’t feel great! (Thanks to a SIR on the west coast for that idea).

“Don’t you fucking cum, boy. I swear, you will regret it Physically and mentally (regret)”.

*Big Smiles from both*

In the end, I feel Chastity is all about MUTUAL fun, respect, caring and a stellar euphoric headspace that neither want to end anytime soon. I feel very lucky to have a few caring SIRs I can report to while in Chastity. They “get me” and understand my particular needs and headspace with this sort of role playing. I doubt I’ll be able to maintain Chastity on a regular basis due to athleticism and work place. I’ll take it when I can… and still be quite willing to share my new Chastity Device with some other boys. 😉


ALSO– If you’re a Top who can relate to this sort of fun, you are verrrryyy welcome to send me a message on RECON!  😉



Hard-Hat Dive Helmet Bondage

This hard-hat dive helmet is connected to it’s own air supply. The guy in the Sleepsack is totally dependent on the supply for each breath. The combination of the hard-hat and his bondage provides him with an extremely intense and helpless experience. He peers through the helmet’s visor as his buddies look on. This guy is really in deep.

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