GOOD ARTICLE: “Why people with depression should lift weights”

“If you struggle with depression, your best therapy may be to hit the gym and pump some iron.

While the physical benefits of strength training are widely known, there are plenty of psychological benefits to reap too. A Harvard Medical School study found that that weight lifting could help alleviate the symptoms of clinical depression.

The tried and true Harvard study from the 1990s found that the heavier the weight a person used, the more depression improved. A similar study from Duke University found that depressed participants who weight trained for four months, four times per week for 40 minutes overcame their depression without medication.

The Duke researchers found that for every 50 minutes of exercise each week, the rate of depression decreased by half.”


RUFF THOUGHTS: Depression among Kinsters

Young man suffering for depression

Here’s a good article on Depression among Kinksters in the Leather Community. A subject that I relate to closely, I feel depression is not acknowledged as often as it should be nor is it even properly diagnosed at times.  Symptoms can appear out of nowhere and stick around for months at a time and then suddenly go away.  Often triggered by events in your life, it can affect everything from your physical health, work and relationships.  

Learning about Depression and how it works helped me to understand my own and in return I can now actually talk about it and share this article on my pervy little blog with little hesitation.   

Don’t give up on people.  Practicing *PATIENCE and UNDERSTANDING* of others through education is the key.  

Check out the FULL ARTICLE and some great links, too.


“There is a collection of maladies that inhabit our scene, as in all walks of life, that are either directly linked to depression or, as I like to say, are kissing cousins of it. Outright depression, ongoing clinical or temporary. Loneliness. Suicidal thoughts. Feelings of differentness or isolation. Being the newcomer and trying to fit in. All of these things, and more, are present within our scene just like they are in other sectors of life.

Consider also that kinky people can have shame about their non-standard sexual leanings that long outlasts any shame they may have felt as LGBT. That can be a contributing factor to feeling depressed too”.


REBLOG: “Sometimes I Lie About My Depression Because the Truth Sounds Silly”

REBLOG: I’m reposting this blog entry today in tribute to one of my personal heros who died a year ago today. Please, take a moment to read this.

Take a moment to read this Gay Man’s description of the inner struggle many living with Depression must go through on a daily basis.  Even the most energetic and funny person with a positive outlook on life can be someone who is fighting with inner demons. You just don’t see it.  I commend this man’s bravery for putting his story (and face) out there for others to learn from.


Someday, I may share my own story but right now I think this man needs the recognition.   I also leave you with a favorite quote from a famous comedian to think about. 


“It’s difficult to be strong for others when when you’re having a hard time being strong for yourself”- Robin Williams



I’m constantly reminded of my own depression.

OK, maybe that sounds too dramatic, naïve, self-absorbed, or annoying. Maybe it sounds downright depressing.

Perhaps a better way to put it would be to say: I’m constantly, randomly reminded of my own depression. It doesn’t really matter where I am. I could be sitting in a room full of people I just met, walking home after work, or watching Beyonce music videos on YouTube (it’s a tragedy, I know). I could even be laughing when I feel it. But I always know when it’s there.

I’m not sure how to describe depression exactly. Does it make you feel sad? Yes. Down? Yes. But I think there is more to it than that…



READ THIS: “The Epidemic of Gay Loneliness”

Young man suffering for depression

Usually, I copy and paste the first few paragraphs of any article I find important for sharing but this is one that warrants your full attention beyond the first few paragraphs (which are a bit misleading from the title.  

Please… grab a cup of coffee or tea and give this a good ready.  Share the link with friends.  This is a good read that helps us understand friends in the gay community.

“TOGETHER ALONE: The Epidemic of Gay Loneliness”

“How BDSM helps me with anxiety and low self-esteem”

tumblr_n6tlmxOlxC1qfw2k6o1_1280“How BDSM helps me with anxiety and low self-esteem”

Hearing the phrase “BDSM” sends people’s minds in one of two directions. Mention Bondage, Domination, Sadism and Masochism and they’ll think of intimidating sex shops where you press a buzzer and a guy in rubber pants opens the door, or of charity shop shelves heaving with wrinkled copies of Fifty Shades of Grey. Stripped of all pop culture and paraphernalia, it generally boils down to dominance and submission between consenting parties, often, but not always, for sexual gratification.

Read the full article HERE