RUFF THOUGHTS: Early kink discoveries

crabtrees penalclamsticky

One of my very first realizations that I was different was when I watched “GI JOE: The Movie” when I was very young.  There were many times in the movie where an act of bondage happened.  

The top photo showed my first introduction to what I’d later discover as Mummification.  The “Joes” were captured by this plant/insect like thing and wrapped up tightly.   I remember thinking… “I want to do that!”.  Here’s a clip on YouTube.

The 2nd photo of the “Cobra Commander” reminds me much of the suspension bondage I’ve been put in while my SIRS’ dungeon… except their place doesn’t involve a giant clam.  Here’s a clip of that scene on YouTube.

The full movie is on YouTube but the sound is a bit wonky so I’d suggest watching it on DVD from Netflix.  Might be a fun trip down memory lane if you were a fan as a kid.  

(Also… if you want a good laugh relating to how campy Cobra Commander was… click this  😆 )