#TBT: RUFF THOUGHTS: Growing past bad experiences


Just ran across this older photo from San Francisco around July 2012.   I’m the boy in the Leather Straitjacket.  Another version of the photo in my blog banner above.

It had been a VERY long time since I had done a public scene like this.  I had a bad experience with a inattentive Bondage Top about 12 years ago. That experience sort of damaged my ability to trust others with total control over me in a public setting such as this.  Yet, I still craved this sort of fun years later. Some fantasies just don’t go away.

Time goes by fast and so do opportunities like this.  “Up Your Alley” Fair (Dore Alley) was approaching and I knew this Leather Top that would be attending the event.  He was (is) a close friend that I trust and thought “worst that could happen is that he’d decline”.   Man, it was still difficult to type out the question!  After getting my dorky nervous message… he replied “It would be my pleasure to have this experience with you”.     🙂

That day came and I sort of expected myself to back out but he was great with taking control by making solid plans on when to meet and what to wear.    It all happened so naturally and we had a great time.  This day was very special to me and will always be one of my favorite moments as a Leatherman.  Not just because it was a hot scene with an even hotter friend in full BLUF Gear (WOOF!)… but, because I pushed past the hurt and got to live out a fantasy once again.  

Photography by Rene Zuiderveld aka “SMartPics”

Every now and then I run across a photographer’s series of photos that I find just breathtaking.   Today’s find would be a photo session taken by Rene Zuiderveld starring the very sexy Arnaud (Mr. Leather Amsterdam 2014) and a very lucky unknown boy.  

The two look so relaxed and connected. All SIRs and boys want this.  Rene captured their time together well.  


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Arnaud’s Tumblr-  bondagecanals.tumblr.com
Rene’s Website-  www.renezuideveld.com


My Throw Back Thursday (#TBT) for today…

Me and my favorite Red Head at a BLUF Gathering during IML many years ago.  I miss that boy.  Truly one of the most submissive bondage boys I’ve ever met.  I liked when he kept just enough hair on top of his head to hold his face still when I slapped him.  The smile on his face was always a mixture of “Ow”, Laughter and “again SIR?”.

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 1.36.14 PM.png

A *BLAST* of Leather Dominance & submission

tumblr_msogknDkWg1rhcav1o1_500fav 888 fav 66 fave 4 fav 3 fav 1 Fav BLUFIn case you were curious about me, this entry is definitely filed under…

“Ruff’s Idea of a Good Time”.


Chicago BLUF Gathering

Join us Sunday October 13, 2013 from 6:30pm to 10pm for our first BLUF Cigar Party!

Blue Havana has been known for years as the place to go for the gay community to enjoy the best cigars and pipes at the best prices, in a comfortable double lounge just off the Halsted district. As well as one of the largest humidors in the city, the welcoming staff has hosted parties for the gay and pansexual community for 7 years, including the IML Cigar Party.
For this after-hours event, the doors will be locked and no regular customers will be in the shop for our private, BLUF party. You can also bring your friends as well. Have a great time with your friends in a comfortable setting, with room for up to 75 people.
Cost: always free! But we encourage you to purchase something from the host establishment. Also coordinate with the group if you would like to bring your own alcohol or snacks.
Location: 856 W. Belmont Ave. Metered street parking is usually available, and there are very few spots available in the Dunkin Donuts parking lot, as long as you only come to the shop and nowhere else. It is also just a half block East of the Belmont Red Line stop.
Important: You must be 19 years of age or older, and you must have a valid state issued ID on you while in the shop.

BLUF membership is not required for this event but is encouraged.

Membership is Free.

Enforced dress code: Leather uniform, or military, fire, police, rubber uniform, other fetish wear and Leather encouraged, G-rated (store is video monitored and there are no curtains).

RSVP is highly recommended for this event.
Send your Name and name of guest, and BLUF number (if applicable) to :
Subject: RSVP Cigar Night

Cigar Party Poster - Oct 2013 (1)

For more information, please contact: events@blufchicago.com