Spread Eagle in Rubber Catsuit

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Computers and advanced image recognition systems provide continuous monitoring and evaluation of patients during their bondage therapy in Latex Catsuits. If the patient struggles the system will automatically tighten the straps! Seriously though – guys like to see themselves in bondage. In this scene we rigged up a video monitoring system so the subject can see himself, and we can monitor the same video feed in the other room.

Serious Male Bondage

The new “BONDAGE CELL” at Serious Male Bondage

IMG_0034-B IMG_0040-ACheck out more Photos and Video of SMB’s newest Bondage Cell HERE.

“Initial tests of the horizontal research cell appear quite promising. Our first subject spent two hours in the cell and as the attached images indicate, and we feel that an entire night in the cell would be possible while breathing through a gas-mask and filter hose. Watch for future updates as we proceed with more challenging ¬†tests”.