“Superhero Fetish Is A Real Thing and It’s Time To Suit Up!”- by Cesar Torres

“Superhero Fetish Is A Real Thing and It’s Time To Suit Up!”

        – by Cesar Torres

“Have you ever found yourself watching a superhero blockbuster movie at the megaplex and wondered if you were the only one in the theater who got more than a little aroused by all the muscles in spandex? Or maybe you even thought to yourself: Damn, the things I’d like to do with that sexy man (or woman) in that skintight costume?

I am sure you have —  comic fan or not —  but for a few of us, the appeal of superheroes runs much deeper. Because for some of us, we want to really get into it with a hero, and for him to get sexual with while we both wear the capes and tights. And this desire even has a name: superhero fetish, and it’s very real…



RUFF THOUGHTS: Wizard World Chicago

I’m attending my very first Cosplay event tomorrow in costume.  I’ll be trying to channel my inner Steve Rogers in my Captain America suit.    

It’s funny… this being my first Cosplay event, I have a little anxiety much like when I went to my first leather bar.  Not so much nervous with this as I am excited.   There’s a big contest tomorrow we are planning to attend.  I doubt I’ll enter it but I will definitely be taking photos to share on my blog later.  

If you see me and author Pablo Greene (“How to kill a Superhero“) feel free to say hello!


Pablo Greene brings superhero fetish to Men’s Room Chicago this summer

Superhero fetish only gets hotter and hotter in Chicago. Join author Pablo Greene this Saturday, May 13 as he kicks off his residency at Men’s Room Chicago the fashion and fetish shop located in Lakeview. Pablo Greene is the author of How to Kill a Superhero, which blends superhero fetish, BDSM and a rich sci-fi world in his cult book series. Pablo will be joining the rest of the Men’s Room team in store to answer all your questions regarding fetish gear, products and toys. That means he can also autograph your copies of How to Kill a Superhero, his book series, which they carry in the store. You can catch Pablo in store on Saturdays from now through summer.


Also make sure to mark your calendars for POW! The Superhero Fetish Meetup  during IML 2017 which Pablo co-organizes with community member Brian Bolt Donner.



**WIN** this Superhero Wrestling Singlet

Over at his web site howtokillasuperhero.net, Author Pablo Greene is running a promotion to launch his new wrestling singlets and tees from his book series How to Kill a Superhero. If you’re not familiar with the books, they are the perfect blend of BDSM and superhero fetish. These four novels cover the world of superhero fetish through the story of Roland, a bondage aficionado who acquires supernatural powers from an occult book. Books 1 and 2 are out on paperback and Kindle already, and book 3, entitled Transformation Fetish, launches this fall. These books don’t hold back on the bondage, but the story is dark and psychologically intense. Great stuff.

To celebrate Pablo Greene’s kinky world of lycra, hard bondage and superhero lit, the How to Kill a Superhero site has kicked off a new giveaway. They are giving away one of their brand new How to Kill a Superhero wrestling singlets, pictured below.


In order to enter, send Pablo Greene a message explaining what kinky things you would like to do to your favorite superhero. You can enter by following Pablos’ Instagram, Twitter or Facebook page and leaving him your message there with the hashtag #howtokillasuperhero. You can leave as many entries as you want. A winner will be chosen at random on September 30.

If you simply can’t wait, t-shirt and the wrestling singlet are both available now in the How to Kill a Superhero Web store. They ship world wide.


DRESS CODE: Superhero Fetish in NYC


New York Get Ready

June 19 at 9 pm at the NYC Eagle

This year I organized Superhero Fetish meetups at IML and MAL, and in honor of Folsom East, I’m getting all of us Superhero Fetishists together again! DRESS CODE: Superhero Fetish (and use that as a cue to dress up in whatever superhero fetish means to you). Come meet other guys who get into superhero kink and help expand our community.

June 19 at 9 PM
NYC Eagle (map)
554 W 28th St,
New York, NY, 10001

For more info, visit howtokillasuperhero.net/events or email us at au@howtokillasuperhero.net.

Read the 1st chapter of “How to Kill a Superhero” for FREE!!!

Read the first chapter “World Without Daylight” by Pablo Greene

(Link Below)


If you got a chance to meet author Pablo Greene at this year’s IML in Chicago, you probably learned about his superhero-fetish book series How to Kill a Superhero. The second book, World Without Daylight, just came out, and it’s pushing the envelope again with superhero fetish, hot bondage scenes, and a story arc that is epic. These books don’t hold back on the fetish and BDSM, and according to one reviewer, ” If you’ve been looking for an actual story that captures true understanding of the BDSM community, this is it!”
These books are filthy, pervy, and fun, and if you get a chance to meet Pablo at his public appearances, you know that he’s always ready to suit up with you. His next event is the World Without Daylight Launch Party in NYC July 5.


You can get WWD in paperback HERE or download it on KINDLE



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