Pool Service: Adam Ramzi and Bennett Anthony fuck poolside!

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Tree trimmer Adam Ramzi has some wood he can’t cut down thanks to pool man Bennett Anthony. They take a break, passionately kissing as their hands roam. Adam gets his handsome face fucked by Bennett’s boner—then stuffs the red beard, gripping the back of his neck as he shoves it in. Adam’s uncut cock pulses as he sucks him back again, his lips brushing Bennett’s bush. They take turns planting their scruff in each other’s holes, a moaning Adam then propping up his boner as he gets fucked fast (“Take that dick!”). Bennett gives up his ass—his boner bouncing as he takes it. He rubs Adam’s abs, the top stroking him before pounding the cum out.




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Brandon Moore has a clean-cut look but a raunchy mind that is driven wild when he gets his tight hole stretched. Jordan has just the right instrument and is fully intent on fulfilling Brandon’s fantasies. He slams a massive dildo in and out of Brandon’s ass while in his Latex Cod Piece Jock. After thoroughly bulldozing Brandon’s hole, Jordan opens up his Latex Cod Piece Shorts and unleashes his grade A meat and explores the depths of Brandon’s juicy throat with it as he moans with pleasure. Brandon then excitedly gives up his ass, arching his back so Jordan can ram him from behind. After their passionate doggy-style session, Brandon lays out on his back and spreads his legs while Jordan delivers his hard cock from a new angle.  Brandon jerks himself off until he explodes and shoots cum all over his sweaty stomach.  As Jordan approaches climax he yanks his rod out of Brandon’s hole and sprays his load onto Brandon’s crotch.