3 Exercises to help build a Bubble Butt

There are many exercises you can do to help get a Bubble Butt that’s going to look stunning while in your Rubber, Spandex or even Leather.   Here are a few videos and some inspiration to help you gain a booty everyone wants to grab ahold of.

I suggest you start off with mastering the “AIR SQUAT”. Make them a part of *every* warm up. 3 sets of 10. Sometimes, I do them in between other non-leg or non-glute work outs like bench press or even lateral rotations.

Please be careful and formulate a routine for each exercise before you even go to the gym.


Air Squat

Back Squats 

Front Squats

Dead Lifts



Happy Hump Day!!!

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RUFF THOUGHTS: “Goodbye to the Inked Hottie at my Gym”

Yesterday, I ended my Gym Membership so that I can pursue the perfection of my CrossFit techniques and hopefully compete someday (that’s another topic). I thought it was rather ironic that on my last day at this gym, I’d see several of my Gym Crushes including the Inked Hottie that I’ve talked about in the past. He has the greatest Chicago Theater banner tattoo’d on one of his calf muscles. Living in Chicago, you’ll see A LOT of Chicago Love displayed on human skin. His is really well done. He’s also so damn clean cut when he arrives. Sometimes, in a business suit with a respectable hair cut. Incredible body. blue eyes and a look about him that says… “You wouldn’t know it but I’m a real kinky fuck under this Clean Cut All American boy look”. Just the way I like em’.

I’ve never been good at creepily snapping photos of guys while they’re not looking but here’s a few photos and a video for me to remember him by. Thanks for the Gym-Spiration (and Tattoo inspiration), Handsome.


 The video looks much better with a full screen.

IMG_0137 IMG_0139 IMG_0140 IMG_0141 IMG_0150