Stunning photos of Patrick Smith IML 2015

Say hello to one of the most beautiful IMLs we’ve had yet, Patrick Smith.  Check out those sexy eyes that just bring you in.  

I can already feel a little healthy crush building.     😛 




IML 2015 Patrick Smith from Christina Court on Vimeo.

Dustin Cunningham Photography

You can follow Patrick Smith in his journey as IML 2015 at the links below.

Go get em’, Patrick!

Facebook Page

Twitter Feed


IML 2015 Volunteering Shifts are still open

We’re in the home stretch back here in Chicago as we get ready to welcome the world for IML Weekend!

We still have a few Volunteer Shifts still open and can certainly use a little more help to keep some 17,000 people taken care of.

If you’ve never been an IML Volunteer before, know these few key things: You get to meet and work with some amazing people…you get to meet folks from all over the world…you have a TON of fun…and your volunteer badge gets you into almost ALL Official IML Events (you have to complete all your shifts of course!).

Sign up today..and be a part of making the Biggest Annual Leather Family Reunion happen.

You can sign up here: