“Fist Fuckers”

Holden Phillips puts on one hell of a show for Alessandro Del Torro. The young stud lies on his back wearing a bright red latex cockring/buttplug combo furiously fucking his own hole. Del Torro steps up and takes over, pummeling the kid’s ass with a huge dildo and jacking on his own fat uncut cock. All of the hardcore assplay has Phillips on his knees begging for more so Del Torro greases up his gloved fist and shoves it in the pig-bottom’s hole. The hardcore fisting action makes Holden’s big dick hard so he beats off while Alessandro teases his hole. As soon as he shoots his load Alessandro shoves a plug in Holden’s hole and leaves him there stroking his fat cock.  FREE VIDEO PREVIEW.

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PHOTO SHOOT: Crochet Empire Jockstrap

PHOTO SHOOT:  Crochet Empire Jockstrap

The Crochet Empire is launching its very first Leather and Fetish Line. The collection features a leather pride flag, a bear pride flag, pup bones as well as mesh and chevron designs. There is also the first ever Crochet Empire cock ring. The jockstraps look great, feel great and are sure to get you laid. One customer who has a mesh jock has told several stories about the attention he receives at jockstrap parties when he wears it. As an added bonus the white in the pup and chevron jocks glow in the dark!! All the jocks can be found at


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Welcome to the House Mr Ramzi

Available now at Bound Gods: Welcome to the House Mr Ramzi

Head to toe in his tight leather uniform, Christian Wilde admires a new deerskin crop. Doug Acre, house slave #153 stands at attention to Christian’s left, stuffed in a cramped cell. They await the arrival of Adam Ramzi, who will undergo dom training today. With Adam’s arrival, Christian presents #153 to Adam, outlining the essential concepts of BDSM as he smacks the slave with his hands and crop. Christian has the boy get to boot blacking as he explains to Adam the importance of keeping the slaves tasked with chores. #153 sets down the polishing rag and gives Mr Wilde a proper spit shine with his tongue. Mr Ramzi learns first hand how a slave properly services his master’s cock as #153 begs for more. While sucking Mr. Ramzi, Christian stands the slave up and fucks him from behind, as he struggles to balance on one leg. Christian then brings Doug back to his knees and blows a hot load all over his face. Adam then tries his hand at flogging, delivering a vicious treatment in tandem with Christian as #153 endures every blow. With his slave all to himself, Mr Ramzi binds & blindfolds his boy to a fuck platform, legs spread upward, hole at full presentation. #153 feels every inch of his master’s uncut cock ram inside him before Mr Ramzi blows his load all over the bound stud’s fat cock. On his knees, #153 is ordered to cover the new house dom’s boots and lick it up clean.


House Dom Christian Wilde takes the ultimate challenge!

Available now at 30 Minutes of Torment: House Dom Christian Wilde takes the ultimate challenge!

This is a very special update. Our house dom takes the ultimate challenge. The Wall – Christian Wilde is chained in place as Van shoves a ball gag in his mouth and tears away his jock. Taking punches to the chest, Christian’s rock hard cock stands at attention before Van breaks out the flogger. – The Pit – With his balls tied down to the floor, Christian takes the crop all over his chest as clothespins are clipped across his torso. He screams in pain as soon as the clothespins are removed before he’s given the flogger once more. – The Water Chamber – Bound in electrical tape Christian has clover clamps attached all over his body as water sprays him all over. Christian pushes through with all his might as the streams of water torment the painful clamps. After three challenges, Van milks Christian’s aching cock till he sprays his cum all over.

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Big Cock Galore – Live Show- PART ONE

Available now at Bound Gods:

Big Cock Galore – Live Show

Hung stud’s Doug Acre and Seamus O’Reilly stand with their jockstraps in their mouths as Van gives them each their slave number, 153 and 523. After a flogging from Mr. Wilde, hot wax is poured all over both subs while being relentlessly tormented with the zapper. 153 and 523 have their legs and arms bound in the air as their exposed ass cheeks are beaten red with the paddle. Van and Christian take turns drilling the fucksall into each of the boy’s holes before Christian whips out his giant cock and pounds their holes. After a heavy caning, both subs worship Mr Wilde’s beautiful feet before they climb up on the sybians to see who can blow their load first. Finally, Christian orders the boy’s to their knees for them to receive his massive load all over their faces.



ROUND TWO: Dore Alley Fair 2015 Photos

For the past 20 years, I’ve been taking photos at the Fetish Events I’ve been to.   I’m not sure why I haven’t been posting them. When it was a photo of a friend, I made sure they got a copy leaving a great deal collecting virtual dust on external hard drives (much like a certain friendly German many of us know 😉 ).  

Photography has always been a hobby of mine. I’m not saying my work is the quality of Annie Lebowitz (or “Vicki Vale”) but I think it’s time to start sharing starting with photos from Dore Alley 2014 in San Francisco.  Here’s ROUND TWO.


(Round One can be found HERE)

IMG_1874 IMG_1879 IMG_1881 IMG_1882 IMG_1883 IMG_1889 IMG_1890 IMG_1891 IMG_1892 IMG_1895 IMG_1896 IMG_3252 IMG_3253 IMG_3254