COLLARS for beginners

Here’s a fun educational video on Collars. They tap on a lot of topics including how there are many kinds of collars that have different meanings to the individuals involved. It is something that should not be given away without having a discussion of what it represents and the expectation of each involved in the “Collaring”. This is a common mistake made by just about everyone in the leather community which can cause misunderstanding and hurt.

I also love how they described what a “Play Collar” is. A collar that is used just for the time together whether it be an evening or a weekend of play.  This is a great term that needs to be used more often. 

Many thanks to Mr Kristofer and Pup Amp of “Watts the Safeword” for producing this video. This is a great video to share with anyone getting into a SIR/boy relationship.

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