Leaving the Gear *ON* in this Bound Gods video

Available now at Bound Gods: Abducted & Fucked: A twisted alien experiments on Lance Hart’s Ass

Lance Hart wakes up from a strange dream of bright lights. Instead of finding himself safe in bed however, Lance realizes that he’s chained to the wall of strange spaceship. None of the bizarre devices before him seem human. A tall alien with a muscled body materializes and begins to probe Lance’s body, testing his pain reflexes and pumping an erection. Lance is helpless to resist as the alien’s makes him swallow a gigantic cock. Lance later finds himself bound to a glowing operating table as the experiments on his pain threshold continue with an electric wand applied to his sensitive nipples and dick. The alien moves Lance to his knees and synthesizes two intimidating cocks from far flung galaxies. The giant cocks rip open Lance’s ass before receiving a vicious flogging. To complete the experiment, the alien suspends Lance above the lab’s floor and delivers a rough fucking before spraying Lance’s face with intergalactic jizz. The alien then collects a semen sample from Lance before giving one last torment to his raw dick.




I recently found out something ground breaking…

I’m no longer a Size Large. 

So, my loss is your gain on these two Latex items as well as Leather Chastity Shorts and RARE Thick Rubber Puppy Hood that is discontinued on the Mr S Leather website. They are all listed here on eBay.
I’m particularly heartbroken after trying on the Deluxe Invincible Rubber Latex Catsuit. I’ve been collecting Rubber and Latex for 21 years and this is by far the most impressive Latex Catsuit I’ve ever seen. Taking your own measurements can be a disaster. This disaster is your gain. Especially, if you live in the USA because you can avoid the ridiculous Shipping and Customs fee that come with ordering from overseas.

I’m actually going to set up an appointment with Invincible Rubber while I am there for Fetish Week London to have them measurement for the same damn suit. I like it that much.


– Cod piece with blue stripe
– Shoulder Entry
– Nipple Access by safe zippers
– Wrist Zippers to keep suit in place.
– Ankle Zippers to keep suit in place.
– Rear Access
– 0.65mm gauged latex
– Custom suit with measurements meeting the size LARGE category.







Also, for sale on EBAY is a **BRAND NEW**  Mr S Leather Skinhead Polo.  Worn once for an hour only to realize it’s too small for me.    




And, here is the discontinued Mr S Leather THICK Rubber Puppy Hood that is also for sale on eBay.  Made to last with posable ears and a removable muzzle.   I know there’s quite a few Pups and Handlers out there that were looking for one of these.  Somewhat of a collector’s item?

IMG_8141 IMG_8142 IMG_8143 IMG_8144 Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 1.54.16 PM.png


Lastly, here are Mr S Leather Locking Chastity Shorts also available on eBay.    They have been broken in so the leather is very, very soft and yet… TOUGH.  These shorts can take the hard paddling your locked up boy deserves.

IMG_8135 IMG_8136 IMG_8138 IMG_8140

If you have any questions about the items, feel free to send me a message through ebay.