READER SUBMISSION: “MichaelSXX” and his “BLUFslave”






Check out these professional photos of MichaelSXX with his slave. Their MASTER/slave connection is very present in these photos.  It’s quite intoxicating, isn’t it?  Look at the way his slave looks at him.  <3

His handsome slave asked his MASTER’s permission to share these photos on my blog which I appreciate as I really do enjoy sharing photos like these.  It’s basically showcasing artwork.

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Photography by Rene Zuiderveld aka “SMartPics”

Every now and then I run across a photographer’s series of photos that I find just breathtaking.   Today’s find would be a photo session taken by Rene Zuiderveld starring the very sexy Arnaud (Mr. Leather Amsterdam 2014) and a very lucky unknown boy.  

The two look so relaxed and connected. All SIRs and boys want this.  Rene captured their time together well.  


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Arnaud’s Tumblr-
Rene’s Website-

READER SUBMISSION: “Voffen” … part one

This Reader Submission was sent to me by the very sexy “Voffen” from the Czech Republic in Prague.  Not only does he model for fetish photography but he is also the photographer.   I swear, he doesn’t take a bad photo.    I’ll post a 2nd Reader Submission from him next week.  

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