#TBT: RUFF THOUGHTS: Growing past bad experiences


Just ran across this older photo from San Francisco around July 2012.   I’m the boy in the Leather Straitjacket.  Another version of the photo in my blog banner above.

It had been a VERY long time since I had done a public scene like this.  I had a bad experience with a inattentive Bondage Top about 12 years ago. That experience sort of damaged my ability to trust others with total control over me in a public setting such as this.  Yet, I still craved this sort of fun years later. Some fantasies just don’t go away.

Time goes by fast and so do opportunities like this.  “Up Your Alley” Fair (Dore Alley) was approaching and I knew this Leather Top that would be attending the event.  He was (is) a close friend that I trust and thought “worst that could happen is that he’d decline”.   Man, it was still difficult to type out the question!  After getting my dorky nervous message… he replied “It would be my pleasure to have this experience with you”.     🙂

That day came and I sort of expected myself to back out but he was great with taking control by making solid plans on when to meet and what to wear.    It all happened so naturally and we had a great time.  This day was very special to me and will always be one of my favorite moments as a Leatherman.  Not just because it was a hot scene with an even hotter friend in full BLUF Gear (WOOF!)… but, because I pushed past the hurt and got to live out a fantasy once again.  

One more #TBT: CLAW 2016

IMG_6479Skeeter from Mr S Leather asked me to be a part of a presentation on heavy leather bondage gear during CLAW 2016.    Well, I know better than to say know to “Daddy” and arrived a bit early to see my good friend Mr Kristofer was also going to be a part of the presentation.   In the photo above, you’ll find me in the Heavy Duty Straitjacket resting my head on Mr Kristofer in the Bishop’s Head Harness.    We were both rather exhausted after being bound so long but he took the majority of the abuse from “Daddy’s” boot.

That was such a fun weekend.  I’m very much looking forward to CLAW 2017.


(Oh, yeah… there’s some guy in the Leather Sleepsack on the table in the back.  He was so happy and quiet that we started to clean up after the presentation and nearly “forgot” about him)