Check out this blog post by on SIR MASTER MARK on slavery. In particular, the very last words. Considering how much time gay kinky men spend online looking at blogs and tumblr feeds, our minds can really get clouded with what’s realistic and what is plain fantasy. Trying to have the perfect scene or role playing relationship can really put a burden on everyone involved.

SIR MASTER MARK’s post helps puts a good perspective on the M/s roles.  I found his writing to be very empowering for both sides.


slavery is not about suffering . . 
. .

slavery is about service.

slavery is not about humiliation . . 
. .

slavery is about humility.

slavery is not about pain . . 
. .

slavery is about being present.

slavery is not about being used . . 
. .

slavery is about being of use.

slavery is not about control . . 
. .

slavery is about letting go.

slavery is not about what is done to you . . 
. .

slavery is about what you do for others.

slavery is not about abuse . . 
. .

slavery is about acceptance.

slavery is not about proving anything . . 
. .

slavery is about being real.

slavery is not about contempt . . 
. .

slavery is about respect.

slavery is not about how you look . . 
. .

slavery is about how much you care.

slavery is not about denying yourself . . 
. .

slavery is about being open.

slavery is not about bondage . . 
. .

slavery is about freeing your spirit.

slavery is not about punishment . . 
. .

slavery is about discipline.

slavery is not about being unable to escape . . 
. .

slavery is about being committed.

slavery is not about submission . . 
. .

slavery is about obedience.

slavery is not about fear . . 
. .

slavery is about trust.

slavery is not about sex . . 
. .

slavery is about love.

slavery is not about pleasure . . 
. .

slavery is about happiness

☛ THESE ARE WORDS OF WISDOM. (listen to them)

And once you remove your internet porn inspired fantasies and expectations, you can embrace & live a meaningful and rewarding submissive LIFE. 👉🏿❤️🔐


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*GREAT* Article on what Collars mean to people

Check out this great article on Collars and what it can mean to someone.  


A collar is well-known symbol within the BDSM community, but it seems that more and more often I’m seeing newcomers use the collar as simply another fetish accessory. They are unaware of the intense symbolism behind the collar, what it means, why it’s worn and why it shouldn’t be used as a prop.    More…

“You’re no longer Human today. You’re my Object!”

Liam Harkmoore crawls in with a chain around his neck, lead by his master Christian Wilde. Mr Wilde informs the boy he’s only an object, his sex toy, and he’s going to obey every command. Liam’s put right to work, licking Christian’s boots, worshipping his leather with every lick. Christian whips out his cock and shoves it down Liam’s throat before tying him down and flogging the boy from front to back. Liam’s bound and suspended to pipes as Christian cuts away Liam’s jock, exposing his nice big cock. Christian teases the boy’s cock before attaching clothespins all over Liam’s body. Liam screams at the top of his lungs as Mr Wilde crops each clothespin off one by one. Liam’s then ordered to Christian’s bed ready to service his master’s beautiful cock. Christian then bends his boy over and fucks his ass hard before turning him on his back. After a hard pounding Christian milks Liam’s cock and he showers the boy’s entire body with his hot cum.


“You’re my Object!”