“3XMan Sling”

“3XMan Sling”
Starring Dirk Caber, Logan Rogue & Christopher Daniels

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After his last visit to the sex club, it seems that Logan Rogue’s appetite for sleazy sex has been awakened. And this week he makes a return to the dark dungeon in search for some hot, sleazy men to get used and abused by. He soon comes across leather clad, muscle daddy Dirk caber who pushes him to his knees to service his hard cock. Logan sucks obediently, swallowing every inch of that delicious, thick meat. Dirk then throws him on the sling, restraining his arms, blindfolding him and ripping open the back of his suit trousers to expose his smooth, hungry hole which he rims and eats, getting it nice and moist for a seriously hard sling fucking. Much to Logan’s pleasure, as well as that of a sexy stranger standing by, stroking his hard dick and enjoying the sleazy show. Dirk invites the suited stranger to fuck Logan’s ass, both of them now taking turns to tag fuck their suited sex slave who has no idea who’s fucking him or even how many dicks are fucking him, till they remove his blindfold and surprise him with a double cum shower all over his body and face.


The Interrogation

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His latest plot foiled, painslut terrorist Jessie Colter has finally been captured by Agent Connor Maguire. Authorized to take any means necessary to extract information from Jessie, Agent Maguire slips on his leather gloves and gets to work. Jessie has his bulging pecs and torso covered in clothespins and cropped. Still unwilling to rat out his comrades, Jessie is made to gag on Connor’s dick while taking a vicious paddling. Agent Maguire hoists Jessie into an inverted suspension, leaving Jessie vulnerable to a battery of ball torment, caning and flogging. Next, Agent Maguire takes Jessie to the floor and gives him a rough fucking and hot wax. Connor’s hard dick finally persuades the terrorist to squeal, but the confession doesn’t grant Jessie any mercy. Connor milks the cum from Jessie’s cock and smears it all over his captive’s face. Jessie then receives a hot load from Connor, as Connor promises even more torment in the days to come.





Brian K. Sims (born September 16, 1978) is a Democratic member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in the 182nd district. Elected in 2012, Sims is also a lawyer and activist on LGBT civil rights. Sims is the first openly gay elected state legislator in Pennsylvania history.

More on Brian Sims on his Wiki Page.


Starring Tomas Brand & Dario Beck

Working in the Menatplay offices has many perks, not least among them having cock bosses like Tomas Brand who think they can fuck anyone they want to. But the truth of the matter is they can – when you have no-one above you, you can pretty much have whoever you like, whenever you like. And Tomas wants it right now with his favourite ‘office-sub’ Dario Beck.
Even though Dario feels uncomfortable with the repeated sexual advances he has no option but to comply every time, and gives Mr Brand exactly what he wants right there in his office – and thats to feel Dario’s soft, sensual lips working his fat, uncut dick. But today Tomas wants a little more than just having his dick drained and he pulls Dario’s suit trousers down to expose his tight hole, getting it nice and moist with his tongue, ready for his rock hard cock. And like the perfect assistant that he is Dario complies, riding his boss like a pro and taking every inch of his enormous dick deep in his ass while Tomas strokes him until the moment Dario can’t hold it anymore and he shoots his hot load as he screams with intense pleasure. And for Mr Brand there’s no bigger power trip than that.


“On Site”

Starring Landon Conrad & Danny Broughton

Landon Conrad makes his long awaited return to Menatplay this week alongside newbie Brit Lad Danny Broughton who reports for his first day back at the construction site. While Danny comes in to change Landon watches the young builder discretely as he strips out of his work gear.
But when its time for Danny to leave Landon asks him to hang around a bit longer. And after lusting over the hot young builder all day Landon finally gets his hands on him – and his lips around his big uncut dick. Landon devours every inch of the handsome lad, first deep throating his dick, before flipping him over and burying his tongue in his tight ass, eating him out hungrily in preparation for a hard pounding over his desk. The whole time keeping his suit perfectly done up while he fucks the naked boy and gives his dutiful employee a face-full of hot cum.


“Screen Test”

Starring Marco Rubi & Misha Dante

Ever fantasized of watching yourself back on a TV while you have sex? I know we have.
This week we explore the thin line between sex and voyeurism with newcomer Misha Dante and young office beauty, Marco Rubi. While Misha gets ready for a day of interviews, testing the video link with the help of IT Assistant Marco, his camera lens starts wandering down from his handsome face to his perfect thighs and ass. Misha convinces the shy Marco to play along with his ‘innocent’ game, pushing him a bit further each time, until he’s on his knees servicing Misha’s hard dick – while Misha records every second of it in juicy close up. Watching the feed of Marco on his knees just gets Misha completely turned on and he orders Marco to strip off all his clothes and climb on all fours on the boardroom table, ready to give his perfect muscle ass a deep and totally intense on-screen fuck.


“Unfinished Business”

UnfinishedB_06 UnfinishedB_07 UnfinishedB_17 UnfinishedB_19 UnfinishedB_21



Theres always that hot guy at work that you just wish you had the balls to come-on to. You’re never quite sure how he’ll react and so you never find out just how good it could have been. If you’ve ever been in that shoulda woulda coulda situation then you’ll appreciate the dilemma for Hans Berlin in “Unfinished Business”. Hans is leaving the company and with his boxed up belongings in hand he calls in on his buddy Tom who’s preparing a presentation in the Boardroom. Hans has always, understandably , had the horn for suited stud Tom Wolfe and with the final goodbye man-hug Hans takes the plunge and moves in for the deep throat kiss he’s wanted for so long. Tom is taken aback but he’s the kind of sexual beast that is always up for a good fuck anytime of the day. So after servicing Hans’ juicy cock he pushes him over the boardroom table and rims him deep while milking his dick and wrapping his own tie around hans’ cock using it like a cock ring. Then as he fucks Hans , Tom opens up his shirt to reveal those amazing fur covered pecs and abs of his, changing him from slick office exec to the shirtless cowboy beneath, riding Hans long and hard before shooting his load all over Hans. Tom really knows how to make the most of this Unfinished Business.



Starring Rogan Richards & Marco Rubi

Rogan Richards makes his long awaited return to MENATPLAY this week and if that wasn’t enough to get your juices flowing, we’ve paired him up with hot-ass boy of the moment Marco Rubi.
When Rogan catches the young Marco hacking into his company mainframe late one evening, he decides not to call the police but instead he takes matters into his own hands and teaches him a hard lesson in obedience and respect. He orders the nervous lad to take off his clothes, giving him a better view of the smooth, muscular physique beneath the suit. Rogan sits back and watches as he instructs Marco to stroke his dick and finger his smooth, delicious bubble butt. But watching Marco tease his hole is just too much for Rogan to resist and he goes straight in, burying his face in his muscular ass and licking his sweet hole till Marco’s nerves vanish and he’s gagging for the hung, muscle top to give him a hard ass pounding over the boardroom table like he’s never had before. Whether you like your men to be hard, hairy and muscled, or your boys to be handsome, smooth and with an ass to die for – this scene will have you shooting your load way before they do!


WOOF OF THE DAY: Jake Bolton

JakeBolton_03 JakeBolton_05 JakeBolton_10

 Jake Bolton & The Cameraman
Starring Jake Bolton

We’ve already seen what a hulking horny fucker Jake can be on Men At Play – a passionate kisser, a deep throat sucker, and eager bottom . This week its time to find out more about this gentle giant. We go back to the first time we met him at the Menatplay studios and see what makes his groin pulsate. Jake is a little nervous on his first ever jerk off in front of a camera but with a little bit of gentle persuasion from the camera man, and a helping hand, Jake soon begins to relax. Working on his cock, playing with his thick nipples and giving hims some tongue the camera man lets us see what it could be like to get really up close and personal with this 6ft 4 bear cub.


“Pure Suit 2”

“Pure Suit 2”
Starring Scott Hunter & Adam Dacre
Seeing how much you loved ‘Pure Suit’ we decided it was time for another 100% Suited Scene like only Menatplay know how. Scott Hunter’s ass is always hungry for cock, especially when its comes from a handsome, dominant suited top. So he lets his Store Manager Adam Dacre order him around, complying to all his demands. For Scott playing the sub turns him on as much as being the sub. So after bossing him around a bit Adam sits back and orders Scott to unzip his suit trousers and service his cock. Before making a convenient hole in Scott’s beautiful suit so that he can fuck him senseless over the store display table. We know you love seeing Scott Hunter get fucked hard and rough, and if on top of that you happen to love your Men in Suits this one will seem like your Birthday and Christmas all rolled in to one.


PURESUIT2screen puresuit2_04 puresuit2_11 puresuit2_17FREE VIDEO PREVIEW