STOCKING STUFFER IDEA: “Of Humanity Lost” & it’s sequel

“Of Finding Humanity”, the sequel to WT Ramsey’s “Of Humanity Lost” is now out and available on Apple, Barnes and Noble, and in paperback.

“Nearly a year after the outbreak, Rachel Morgan is in a fight for survival. America has been cut off from the rest of the world and those left behind must fend for themselves. As Rachel helps grow a resistance force she begins to search through her past to discover what led to the outbreak and the means of which to stop it, but time is running out as the creatures that lurk in the shadows close in. Each new discovery places her and those she loves further into danger, but as the pieces fall into place, Rachel discovers how closely involved she was to everything that led her to where she is now. Soon she’ll have to make the choice between merely surviving or fighting back. Of Finding Humanity is the sequel to Of Humanity Lost”.


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“Of Humanity Lost” by W.T. Ramsey

One of my best friends was just recently published a novel. It’s a crazy, face paced book full of twists and turns and I’m so proud of how well it turned out. Please go to the iBook link below and get ready for a great read that will keep you on the edge until the very end. If you don’t have iBooks, it’s also available on Kindle, Lulu, and Nook readers.

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