Landon Conrad in “Hard Time”


Being locked up makes Marcus Ruhl horny and hungry for dick. He offers to suck off Officer Jimmy Durano but the Latin stud refuses. Instead he calls Landon Conrad in to fuck the sexy prisoner’s mouth right through the bars of his cell. Durano returns from his rounds to find Ruhl making a pig of himself swallowing officer Conrad’s huge cock. He pulls the filthy cocksucker out of his cell and gets in on the action. He whips out his thick uncut cock and Conrad forces Ruhl’s head down onto the giant man-meat. The twisted cops take turns force-feeding Ruhl their cocks until Conrad bends him over and fucks his ass. Ruhl never stops sucking Durano’s dick as Conrad pounds his hole until he pulls out and shoots his load. Durano tells Conrad to beat it so he can finish off Ruhl the way he likes it. He pushes the beefy stud back onto his desk and fucks his giant bubble-butt. Ruhl jacks off and drains his nuts, followed by Durano who showers Ruhl with loads of his creamy jizz.


“Hard Time”


Available now at Bound Gods: Officer Alex Adams’ Filthy Fantasy

Officer Alex Adams dreams that prisoner Maguire is a nasty cop and that Alex is the helpless jailbait. Alex is thrown down on his cot as he’s handcuffed and shoved to the ground. Officer Maguire whips out his cock and starts putting the prisoner’s mouth to use. Alex swallows Connor’s cock and nightstick before he’s bent over for an ass spanking. Alex is bound in leather as Connor bends him over and fucks him with the nightstick. Connor then beats the bound stud with the flogger before tormenting his ass with the electric butt plug and milking all the cum out of Alex’s cock. Alex finds himself suspended in his cell as Connor approaches with his hard cock ready. He shoves his cock down Alex’s mouth before giving his ass a hard fuck. To finish off his bound prisoner, Connor cums all over Alex’s face and has him polish his cock clean.



“Long Arm of the Law”

Inmate Dylan Strokes finds delivering prisoners’ orange jumpsuits pretty mundane until he gets to Drew Sebastian’s cell. The 6’3′ stud accuses Dylan of checking out his junk in the shower and pushes the young stud on his knees to get a taste of his thick meat. Dylan expertly sucks Drew’s 10-incher until Drew changes it up by getting on his knees with his fat round ass in the air. Dylan pulls on the rubber gloves and works his fist inside Drew’s hole and jacks on Drew’s huge cock with his free hand. Dylan strips out of his jumper and jacks on his own big dick while he continues to fist-fuck his new buddy. Drew rolls over on his back and squeezes Dylan’s fist and forearm with his tight asshole while he jerks a load out of his huge cock.


Zapped and Stretched

Zerotsm-StretchedAndZapped-003-R145 Zerotsm-StretchedAndZapped-002-R145 Zerotsm-StretchedAndZapped-001-R145

Zerotsm sent us this very hot video of one of his bondage experiences. The e-stim session is quite extreme, and it is not a ‘make you cum’ arrangement. It is more of a ‘fuck with you while you are in a really stressful position’ kind of session. I like it because you can just stay right there and watch. No comments or set up, just moans and struggling. Check out the braided wire sleeve pulling on his cock. It’s hooked to the e-stim and the more he pulls, the tighter the sleeve gets. I believe this is the first time I have seen this arrangement. Very effective. A special thanks to Zerotsm for sharing this hot video with us.


Serious Male Bondage

Chain Bondage

Bind-BondageReport4-010-R147 Bind-BondageReport4-007-R147 Bind-BondageReport4-001-R147

The Bind Bondage Report brings a well chained prisoner to a point of helplessness. Chained spread eagle in a locked cell and left for endless hours will do powerful things to a prisoners mind. The sexual helplessness is also a factor. This was played out at theCentral Correctional Facility. We recently visited this well-equipped playground; this place is the real deal. These guy are doers not talkers.


Serious Male Bondage

“Long Arm of the Law”

DUNGEON_44304_03 DUNGEON_44304_07 DUNGEON_44304_14

Repeat offender Brandon Moore knows the routine. Officer Dolan Wolf comes by every morning and sticks his hard cock through the bars for his daily blow job. Despite his protests, Dolan makes the young prisoner gag on his fat cock but he’s not satisfied. He makes Moore strip naked and begins to probe his ass with his nightstick. Today he’s going to shove his fist up the kid’s ass and there’s nothing he can do about it. Officer Wolf pulls on the rubber gloves, pours lube over Moore’s big round ass and shoves his fist inside. Dolan probes his prisoner’s deep hole then forces him to get onto the cot and ‘put on a show.’ The twisted cop orders Moore to shoves his own fist up his ass while he stands by and jacks off until he shoots his load all over the cell floor.


Officer Justice

Available now at Men on Edge: Officer Justice taken down and his giant cock edged by two perverts

Van and Sebastian have been up to no good as usual, this time their acts of edging and tormenting have wound them up locked in a cell. When Sebastian starts to get horny, Officer Andrew Justice immediately goes to break them up but finds himself caught in a trap as the two perverts wrestle him to the ground. When Andrew awakens, he finds himself bound and blindfolded inside the cell. The pervs tear off his uniform as they get his massive cock rock hard. With his cock tied in bondage, Andrew moans from the pleasure of the hitachi’s on his cockhead. Bent over his desk, Andrew has his cock sucked from below while enduring the sting of the flogger on his back. On his back, Officer Justice has his legs spread eagle as the perverts shove a vibrator up his ass while relentlessly edging his massive cock. Andrew is finally tied to the bed as Sebastian licks his toes while stroking the bound officer’s cock. The dual sensation brings Andrew over the edge as he blows his load onto his stomach. The pervs smear his load right back into his face before leaving him bound in the cell for the other officers to find.

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