“Here are 6 pics from my 72 hours of captivity in Seattle. Sir is an amazing bondage Dom. He prefers locking leather and metal restraints unless a boy is completely roped up. I signed a contract and was in some form of bondage the entire time. Slept in 5-point restraints. Ate while shackled. He even showered me while I was in cuffs. I spent 4.5 hours stored completely immobilized in my sleepsack. Sir truly got me to the point where I really wanted out and understood that I was his, completely under his control, and he would decide everything. Can’t wait to go back for more” – “LuckiBoy” on Recon


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“How to have a Bondage Vacation”

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How to have a Bondage Vacation PART THREE

Luckiboy has sent in part 3 of his “how to have a Bondage Vacation”. If you’d like to ask him any questions, just leave the question in the comment area.

Thanks again to the very handsome and sexy Luckiboy for sharing.


“How to have a Bondage Vacation”

Part Three

by Luckiboy

So far I’ve discussed: Being certain you want to have a bondage vacation, finding a Dom with whom you are a match, communicating before the captivity, and preparing for the trip. I’ll now move into the bondage vacation itself, but first a word about contracts.


I have to admit, I am incredibly turned on by contracts. Just reading one gives me an instant erection. The terms it lies out so precisely and definitively are the best mental representation of your impending experience and as such are incredibly erotic.

Contracts are not necessary and some Doms don’t do them at all. However, there are two great reasons to create one. First, it clearly lays out the rules by which you will play and holds the Dom to them just as much as you. Second, it gets all the negotiation out of the way before hand. This way, when you are there you can focus on serving within the established bounds and fall deep into the submissive headspace. This will help ensure that it’s a meaningful experience for you…and the Dom.

And now a word of caution: Make sure you understand the contract 100%. Make sure you understand every term in there, everything that will be required of you, and every right that you are giving up. A Dom will hold you to the contract you sign.

Captivity: Down Time

There is a lot that can be discussed about the actual time of captivity. I think there are probably enough photos, videos, stories, blog posts, etc. to inform your perception of play time, of how a boy can be used and abused in bondage. But what happens in between? Just as life isn’t one long porn video, an extended bondage scene of 24, 48, 72 or more hours is not one long play session. I’ve yet to meet the Dom (or sub) who could physically keep up with that. If nothing else there are certain natural phenomena that need to be attended to.

You will find yourself bound and not used for significant periods of time. Depending on what you’ve discussed with the Dom, these could be complete breaks (perhaps with you locked in chastity), rest periods (where you might be locked in a cage with a pillow and some water), or “storage” (where you are at least fairly significantly bound and kept that way until needed by the Dom again).

Know what you can deal with, physically, emotionally, and mentally, before you find yourself in a situation that you won’t be controlling. Experience will inform you, so don’t jump three steps ahead. And you can always let the Dom know during your captivity that you can take more if you find that you can. He’ll love that, trust me.

But even the most experience players can run into trouble. Not so long ago I found myself in a sleepsack nearly alone for more than 12 hours. I was an emotional wreck when I was let go, and I take responsibility for getting myself into that situation. The Dom and I had multiple detailed discussions before I arrived. He is a skilled and safe bondage enthusiast (I was never in any real danger). However, I was not clear about my ability to be left like that for long periods, knowing that he planned periods when I would be left in bondage. I learned my lesson and approach new situations with more clarity.

So what do you do when you find yourself “unused” during your captivity, no matter to what degree you are bound? Here are some tips:
• Breathe. And breathe normally. Make sure you can breathe and focus on that. Use the time as a meditation where you focus on breathing.
• Getting bored? Well, first, don’t tell the Dom or he might give you something to solve that (like an electro butt plug that goes off at random intervals). Try to think of the story you would write about your experience. Or see what lyrics you can remember to songs you know. I often find myself humming when I’m in such a situation.
• Exercise. Well, OK, you might not be able to move much, but keep the blood flowing. If you have enough freedom, do some isometrics moving your limbs in as much space as you have. If you are fairly well restrained, wiggle your toes and fingers, and gently flex your joints. This will help you stay as comfortable as might be possible and ensure that you don’t have any physical problems.
• And if you really, really want to explore your submissive side, use the time to mentally submit, to emotionally let go. Repeat a mantra like “I belong to Sir, mind, body, and soul” or let your mind explore the boundaries of such a situation. Imagine the captivity was your life, that you were a true bondage slave. See where that takes you. And when Sir comes to use you again, you just might please him on a whole new level and grow even more as a bondage submissive.

I hope this information has helped. In future installments, I’d like to answer specific questions you might have, so add them as comments on this post.

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