Hot Mormon Jock Fucked in Bondage to Prove His Devotion to the Church

Available now at Bound Gods: Hot Mormon Jock Fucked in Bondage to Prove His Devotion to the Church

Hunk Drake Tyler has just turned 19 and can’t wait to serve the Church of Latter Day Saints overseas on his mission, but first he seeks the approval of his bishop, Connor Maguire. Noting that a good Mormon missionary has to be ready for whatever the world gives him, Bishop Maguire orders Drake to undergo a physical exam. The bishop “fortunately” has the authority to conduct it himself, and orders Drake to strip naked. Something just doesn’t seem right as Bishop Maguire starts to fondle Drake’s ripped body and gropes Drake’s cock. The bishop retrieves a riding crop and orders Drake on his knees; now something’s definitely not right. The bishop’s warm demeanor turns cruel and perverse as he crops and facefucks Drake in the name of the church. The exam continues to push Drake’s physical limits as he’s bound and flogged in a stress position, balancing one-legged on a stack of books. Drake takes Bishop Maguire’s cock once more in his mouth and ass. The bishop moves the boy over to his desk, fucking him doggy style while zapping his tender body & tormenting the boy’s shoulders with clover clamps. Bishop Maguire tears the clamps from a wailing Drake and busts a hot load onto the boy’s tight ass before feeding Brother Tyler all of his cum. For the final test, Drake spreads his seed all over the Book of Mormon before cleaning every drop of cum off with his tongue.


“My Doctor’s a Bottom”

Brett is at the doctor’s office for his yearly physical and he is always nervous coming to the doctors. The doctor finally comes in to check on Brett and gives him his full physical. Trit has him drop his pants and notices that he has a raging gigantic boner. Brett apologizes for his boner and Trtt plays it off and begins to make him cough as he grabs his thick shaft. Trit can’t take his eyes off this gorgeous cock and starts to stroke it and finally he wraps his mouth around it and takes it all in sucking and rubbing his balls. Brett is surprised but loving it all. The doctor is calling the shots and he mounts Brett and slowly sits on that thick cock of his taking it balls deep then slow and steady Trit rides it like a pro showing all the shaft and making it fully disappear. Brett bends Trit over the exam table and fucks the cum out of him than blasts his nut for the doctor. Enjoy!


The Hot Janitor

Available now at Men on Edge: Hot janitor endures relentless edging at an airport restroom

Van and Sebastian are at the airport when Sebastian is desperate to find a bathroom. Just their luck the janitor, Axel Flint has started cleaning and the bathroom is off limits. Despite Axel giving them shit for trying to use the bathroom, the guys find him pretty hot and take the opportunity to pounce on him. Axel is bound and his mouth duct taped shut as the two pervs tear away his clothes. They start teasing his cock and getting it rock hard. Axel tries not to give in and cum but the touch of their hands on his cock brings him close. They edge his cock a couple of times with tit suckers on his nipples, and just when he’s about to cum they rip them off and give Axel some punches to the chest. Horizontally suspended, Axel’s cock is continuously edged as dildos are shoved in both his holes. Axel takes a flogging in mid-air before he’s brought to the shower, bound in tight bondage. As water pours down his body, making the bondage even tighter, Axel’s cock is sucked and stroked till he finally blows his load, cum dripping down his cock as the water rains from above. After some post-orgasmic torment, Van and Sebastian leave Axel tied up in the shower as they hurry off to catch their flight.



“Just Fucked”

“Just Fucked”
Starring Dolan Wolf & Marco Rubi
Stag nights can be a lot of fun especially if you get to see the groom stripped naked and tied up! And that’s what hotel manager Dolan wolf walks in on the morning after a raucous night of male bonding . Initially annoyed at the trashed hotel room Dolan’s attention is quickly taken by the stunning young stag, hand tied to the headboard . Marco Rubi has the face of an angel and the body of an Adonis and seeing him tied and helpless is too much for Dolan – he’s not going to let an opportunity like this pass him by. So ignoring the weak pleas to be untied Dolan begins to play with Marco’s dick working it gently until he’s fully hard and with Marco still tied up Dolan then takes his dick to the back of his throat before fingering Dolans young tight ass. Marco’s ‘I’m straight and I’m getting married ‘ pretence doesn’t hold up anymore and Dolan lifts Marcos legs in the air to pound his hole , all the time tied to the bed . Hours later marco will be getting married but for now he’s ‘just fucked!!


RUFF THOUGHTS: “Setting the Tone with a Friend”

gallery_144619_wm_16486240One of my favorite ways to start a scene (if not my favorite?) with a Friend is to have him arrive at my place, let himself in and find a note with instructions.   The instructions are pretty simple.  Strip.  Use the bathroom.  Find your way to the middle of the playroom.  Kneel down.  Put the hood on that I’ve left.  And just wait there with your hands behind your back and head down.

I make him wait a bit.  Usually making gradual more and more noise leading to my heavy boots coming down the stairs.  Circling.  Inspecting my property.  My prey.

See… it’s the hood that starts the scene for us both.  His vision is taken away.  And I don’t actually see my friend’s face. We don’t see the expressive faces we both know so well. You know, the ones that geek out over Apple computer talk, Superhero Talk or the new shoes he bought.  I just see… property. A toy. Or… in the right agreed upon situation…


I don’t really suggest this scene for people who are playing with each for the first time and also feel the Top needs to have another level of alertness to the boy.   When I’ve done this scene as a bottom, while waiting, I’ve gotten momentary anxiety(and boredom if the Top isn’t well prepared).  I also ask to wear kneepads if I’m going to be on my knees a very long time. But, then again, some people are more used to being on their knees than myself.  😉

If you have a creative way to set the tone of a scene that you’d like to share, feel free to email me and I’ll share it here.

Horny Professor

Available now at Bound Gods: Horny professor beats, electrocutes, and fucks one of his students

Professor Herst is in his classroom grading papers late one night when one of his students, Rowen Jackson walks into the room. Rowen is confused why his professer called him in so late. Mr Herst orders the boy to the ground, making him strip down to his underwear. “I’m gonna turn you into a man today” the professor remarks. He orders Rowen to give him twenty pushups, whacking him with the crop every time his posture needs adjustment. Rowen is then bound as his professor beats him with the flogger before he’s made to swallow Mr Herst’s cock. Suspended in the air, Rowen screams in torment as he endures the flogger once more. On his back, Rowen has electrodes attached down his legs before having an electric butt plug shoved up his ass. Mr Herst edges the boy’s cock as surges of electricity pulse through his body. Rowen’s plug is removed to take his professor’s big cock. Mr Herst gives his student a hard fucking before blowing his load all over the boy’s face.